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How Google is changing the mobile game with their smartphones

Not only does Google  has the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android, especially since their new  update KitKat just came out. Google has also in recent years been developing their own devices to run Android to compete more in the mobile industry.  Google fir came out with the Nexus 1 and a few models after it that were not huge successes, actually they were more of a failure than a success.  Recently Google bought Motorola, a big cellphone giant company so they could do more with mobile phones.  The problem with smartphones these days is that they are affordable with 2 year contracts, but if you want an unlocked phone with no contract then you will have to pay a much bigger price, in the 500 and 600 dollar range for phones like the Samsung Galaxy series and iPhones.   Google Nexus 5 is going for $350 with it being unlocked and without a contract and their Moto G phone is only $179 for an unlocked phone.  This is big news because Google is trying to make it more of a social norm to not have a contract and to make more things inexpensive, like most  of their products and services are.

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