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Instagram is on Windows phones now but it isn’t all that

Instagram has been on Android and iOS phones for a couple of years now and it is just now being released onto Window’s phones.  The popular social media app is centered all around photos and videos and being able to share them easily and yet, even though Windows now has Instagram, it is anything but easy to share content.  The app does not allow for users to take photos or videos in the app directly, users have to upload the pictures and videos from their camera roll to upload them to Instagram.  This is a perfect example of how apps can sometimes cause additional steps instead of improving something.  Both the iOS and Android Instagram apps allow for users to open up their app and take photos directly from there without having to go into their camera roll even though they also provide the option of going into the camera roll and getting a photo or video.  Instagram has said this is in beta but they need to add more features to it to make it practical.

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