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Mapping Indoor Locations With Your Smartphone

A recent race to develop a solution for mapping indoor locations with a smartphone has begun. There are many companies that are part of this race and some of them have developed technology that can map indoor locations but in a limited fashion. For example, WifiSLAM uses a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to determine your position. The only problem so far, according to Harverninen, is, “It doesn’t work in a wooden house.” Another company called Indoor Atlas has filed 15 petitions, raised $600,000, and is actively working on this technology as I type this article summary. Indoor Atlas uses the magnetometers to detect anomalies in a magnetic field that come from such things as steel beams in buildings. Each building has its own unique magnetic signature. As a result, it doesn’t have to install hardware sensors inside structures at all. The technology works from mines underground to high-rise buildings. This technology being developed would mean no more getting lost in large buildings such as Las Vegas hotels and other large buildings around the world. To read more about this technology, access the source link below.

Source: Indoor Atlas uses magnetic sensors for finding places in the great indoors

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