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Maybe One of The Most Creative Apps But Functionality Lacks

As we discussed in class last week, this app called Cycloramic, posses a great concept. It allows users with iPhone 5’s and iPhone 5s’s to take 360 panoramic photos or videos hands free. The makers of Cycloramic say that all you need is to download the free app (or the $1.99 paid version for HD photos/videos), make sure the phone has not case on it, and to apply it on a flat surface (preferably glass or granite). I’ve attempted to use this app various times, on a multitude of flat surfaces, and I have yet to get one good picture or video that I’d be proud to share. Even though it’s optimized for iOS7, is aesthetically pleasing and seems fairly easy to use, I can still take better pictures/videos by just using my own hand. I truly believe it’s a great idea and has potential but it definitely needs some kinks worked out.



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