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Motorola targets budget buyers with Moto G smartphone

The Moto G will launch for $179 in the US, analysts suggests the budget end of the market is set to enjoy huge growth. “This wave is characterized by consumers looking to get their first smartphone at the cheapest price they find.” They don’t have the need nor the money to afford the most advanced smartphones, as the first wave of adopters had.” The Moto G – which supports 3G but not 4G networks – is being launched in 30 countries including the UK, US, France, Germany and parts of Latin America and Asia. That contrasts with the country’s last model – the Moto X – which is currently only available in the US. However, Motorola’s device is the only one of these to come preinstalled with the Android Jelly Bean operating system. The firm is also promising to release an upgrade to the newest version of its Android platform, KitKat, in the near future. It also has the highest resolution display and is the only one to feature a quad-core, rather than dual-core, CPU (central processing unit). “The engineers also designed this for cost – there’s fewer pieces [and] it’s designed to be easy and fast to assemble,” said Dennis Woodside. It’s interesting to see this market develop even further, since budget smartphones aren’t the most available thing on the market.


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