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Motorola working to build 3D printed phone

The company recently inked a deal with 3D Systems to develop a futuristic 3D-printing production platform for Project Ara, Motorola’s ambitious open-source mobile hardware ecosystem. Project Ara is a push to develop modularA phones, which would allow users to mix and match hardware with the ease of downloading and installing software. When Motorola announced Ara, the company specifically made mention of 3D printing as a key technology that would make an open-source hardware market feasible. Motorola just announced a multi-year development agreement with 3D Systems, the company that created the first 3D printer in the early 1980s and has developed 3D-printing technologies for both theA personal and industrial markets. As part of the agreement, 3D Systems has been tasked with developing an integrated, multi-material, high-speed production platform, which will include both conductive and functional materials. It’s fun to conjecture into the vacuum of the future, but the open-source hardware space is one that stands to disrupt the entire mobile market, especially with commercial titans backing it.

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