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Ninja Metrics Uses Predictive Analytics to Unlock the Value of Social Gamers

Before Ninja Metrics opened up their predictive analytics business yesterday, they spent 10 years of research in developing it.  They have developed the Katana Analytics Engine.  It “tracks social interactions among gamers and predicts which ones will drop out, buy items, or share your game the most with friends.”  This tracking, however, is not like normal statistics tracking.  It tracks a lot more items ultimately to give gamers’ measurement of social influence and how much that is worth in real monetary value.

This is extremely important in the mobile gaming world.  Having your users share your app is the best advertisement any company can get.  It is more personalized than any one ad can make.  If Ninja Metrics can lock down this predictive trend, companies will be swarming all over them trying to get ahold of that data.

Ninja Metrics aims to unlock the value of social gamers through predictive analytics

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