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Playnomics Launches Acquisition Value Predictor to Predict New Customer Lifetime Value

Predictive analytics company Playnomics has today announced the open beta launch of its Acquisition Value Predictor, aimed at allowing marketers to predict the lifetime value of new customers within 75 percent in only a few days.

The predictor’s closed beta showed that the 5 percent of users predicted to be the most valuable by the tool accounted for 75 percent of all revenue in the first 45 days. The AVP works to help marketers find those high-value consumers and target them with additional advertising campaigns to maximize their overall return-on-investment.

The company’s Churn Predictor was released in August, and predicts the number of days before a player (or group of players) will stop using an app, giving developers and marketers a chance to target those specific groups with a user engagement strategy to keep them around.

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