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Swedish Kids Say their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed

Swedish Kids Say their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed.

While many parents in the United States are worried about the time their children are spending on their smartphones or tablets, Sweden’s problem is the polar opposite. 33% of Swedish parents surveyed, out of a total 591, admitted that the amount they use their phone or tablet was a “sore point” with their children. Their children echoed this and said their parents are the ones spending too much time on the devices. “Sweden has the second highest smartphone adoption rate in western Europe at 63% of adults.” The way smartphones are being used in Sweden has a societal impact and demonstrates the ability for these technologies to alter the daily lives of the users, sometimes in unfavorable ways. Smartphones have proven to be disruptive technology and have replaced the previous generation of phones at a rapid rate, as shown by the high smartphone adoption rate in Sweden. This story alone does not add to the field of mobile tech development but it does raise awareness about Sweden as a potential market for developers or smartphone producers. Finally, this story does not have a significant impact on the economic state of mobile technology. However, Sweden is clearly a significant smartphone market and could provide economic opportunities for developers if they had a product that would appeal to that region.

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