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Target’s trading $200 gift cards for any working iPad, even first generation tablets

Still kicking around a first generation iPad? Quit it. That tablet is bulky, old and four generations out of date. We know, new hardware is expensive – but Target is making it pretty hard not to upgrade. Until November 9th, the big box retailer is offering $200 in store credit for any iPad, regardless of generation. The trade needs to happen at a brick and mortar location, but the other caveats aren’t too heavy: as long as the iPad works, powers on and isn’t marred by a scratched or broken screen, you’re good to go. A successful trade will still leave you $299 shy of Apple’s new iPad Air, but it drops the non-retina iPad Mini’s price tag down to a cool $99. If that doesn’t appeal, the credit can be used on virtually any item in the store. After all, tablet computing isn’t for everybody.

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