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Thanksgiving 2013 Sales According to IBM: Mobile 43% Of All E-Commerce Traffic, Mobile Over 25% Of All Online Sales

Online sales in the U.S. this Thanksgiving were up nearly 20% (19.7%) on 2012, with an especially strong push from mobile devices, which accounted for over one-quarter (25.8%) of all sales on the day and nearly half of all e-commerce traffic.

IBM says that department stores’ online sales grew 60% this year over 2012, with mobile up 44%.

Mobile is nearing half of all e-commerce traffic on Thanksgiving. In all it accounted for 42.6% of all traffic, and nearly 26% of all sales – up 49% on 2012. As IBM noted yesterday, tablets see the most actual purchases – 16.5% of all online sales – while smartphones accounted for 9%. Those buying on tablets, with an average of $126.49 per order, are nearly on par with average basket size overall. (Smartphones are at $110 per order, fairly impressive considering that you are browsing on a small screen.) iOS ended up accounting for over one-fifth (21%) of all sales, and $121.61 per order. Android accounted for only 4.6% of sales.

PayPal also noted growth in mobile payments volumes on its platform for the day – up 114.7% over Thanksgiving 2012, with a 91% increase in consumers shopping through PayPal mobile compared to Thanksgiving 2012. It doesn’t break out what percentages of overall sales, or actual gross value of the transactions.

These sales statistics show that more people in the US are conducting more of their Thanksgiving shopping online and/or through the use of their tablet or mobile device.

This is important as these sales figures will encourage more brick-and-mortar physical businesses to offer more Black Friday Thanksgiving sales deals online through mobile platforms to be able to continually reach out to customers who primarily use their mobile devices for conducting their Thanksgiving shopping purchases. The high usage of iOS devices for purchases versus the low Android devices percentage could lead to more targeting of iOS devices by retailers.

These growing online & mobile sales will also lead to growth of more online & mobile payment companies like PayPal continuing to grow & develop as they will continue to manage growing amounts of online & mobile sales transactions.

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By Matthew Salava

A senior Information Technology student at FSU. I will be graduating in Spring 2014.

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