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The new era of Video editing applications

Video editing on smart phones has been around for a while, but the effectiveness and usability have always been poor.  Until recently, video was too difficult and time consuming to be considered a better option that pictures or text.  But due to the recent trend, of short 6 second videos, created by Vine, society has accepted and thrived on video.  Smart phones now have better video recorders and the network required to send and receive video is more viable.  Even with this, applications are beginning to add new features and customizable options to editing video from the source.  Mobile applications centered around videos face a challenge of taking something that is stereotyped as difficult and professional, and making it user friendly and simple.  A great example of this is Instagram, where nearly anyone can now take photos and add a filter, making them look impressive or skillfully done.  On a different note, now that Vine has broken the awkward video barrier in society, many new applications focused on sharing and editing video are bound to arise, and with that changes in how users utilize their smart phones and communicate, are bound to change as well.



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