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ThirdLove App Uses Your iPhone Photos to Create a Custom Bra

iPhone app, ThirdLove aims to take online shopping to a new level for women with an Apple product. After beta testing, the free app officially has been launched as November 7, 2013.

ThirdLove focuses on on one of the more intimate shopping experiences for a woman: buying a bra. For some women, online shopping does not compare to the real-life experience of visiting a store — mostly because it contains the risk of ordering something that might not fit, but cofounders Hedi Zak And Dave Spector hope to change this with ThirdLove.

The app uses computer vision (which analyzes real-world objects much like the human eye does) to measure a woman virtually through iPhone photographs. It detects specific physical components and produces data, such as the measurements needed for a custom-fit bra. Once a shopper takes the necessary photographs, she can customize a bra of her choice, which she will receive a package encasing a silky drawstring pouch wrapped in blue tissue paper with her customized bra. This new app has the potential to change, if not overcome, the world of customized lingerie: bra purchases, specifically online purchases.

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