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With Tinder 3.0, Tinder Enters The Friend Zone

Tinder, an app that allows you to swipe right on profile images in order to meet potential friends or dating prospects, has just launched its 3.0 version on Android and iOS. For those of you who want even more in common with the random people you meet through your mobile device, the new Tinder update will have a major revamp of its relevancy algorithm and add some key new features.

Wanting Tinder to be perceived as more than a dating app, cofounder Sean Rad has made the first product iteration towards a “for all” use case, adding a Tinder “lists” feature to its latest update. As you could probably glean from its name, the “lists” feature allows popular users to sort their scads of matches into lists, like “New York friends,” “LA friends,””Friends who like the color blue,” etc. Emphasis on friends here.

  • You can add a user to lists by swiping right on people you’ve been matched with in the Tinder message center, and clicking the “Add to list” button, instead of “Block.” Or you could click on the native iOS button in the top-right corner of the message center, to go directly to lists.

In addition to Tinder lists and a “pumped up” redesigned swipe animation, the new Tinder app will allow for six optimized-for-hotness profile pictures, all visible at the same time.

Rad hopes Tinder lists will help you make sense of your matches and increase user engagement beyond people who want to date (and even marry) through the app, no pun intended.



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