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Yes, MapQuest Still Exists — And It Has an Awesome New Mobile App


We all remember using MapQuest back in the day for our route needs, but many us moved on to Google maps or some other similar service like Bing. Fact is though MapQuest still commands 20 percent of the online mapping space. Now the company hopes that a sleek new mobile app for android and iOS will help make it the mapping powerhouse it once was.

Some of the main features of the new app include:

  • When you navigate to a location, the app automatically adds traffic information, showing areas where congestion is in yellow or red instead of the normal bright blue used to highlight your route
  • As you’re traveling along your route, the app also displays a handy progress bar along the top of the screen showing how far along you are.
  • The app also offers thoughtful micro directions along with the standard list of turn-by-turn ones. Things like “Bryant Street is just past Harrison Street. If you reach Brannan, you’ve gone too far,”

For more visit the link above.

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