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a dual screen smartphone has becoming a reality

The second generation YotaPhone is expected to come out in 2014. This phone is very unique because it does not just have one screen on the front, but it has second one on the back. The second screen is not an equal screen like the front, it is black and white and can offer mirroring of apps or provide interactive purpose.  THe example on the website showed that you can pull up Google Maps on the front LCD screen but if you saw your phone was about to die or wanted to use lower battery you could mirror it to the back screen and it would use less battery because it is black and white and not using all the pixels.  This phone is still in a prototype stage and it does not seem very practical, but it could bring some cool innovation.  For me personally if i was worried about battery, I would rather get a case with a battery built in to give me more hours on my device versus switching over to a black and white screen that is similar to the first Kindle.

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