Circle connects You to People and Events Nearby

Circle is a local social mobile app for the iPhone and is actually growing in users.  It has exceeded 10 million users with over 1 million  joining every month.  It is in 1,765 cities across the country.

This app lets users know what is happening near their current location.  It will show you activity feeds of local occurrences.  Circle can be used to post questions, ask for help, or just post general information of what is going on in the city.  The CEO states it is different than Facebook and Twitter in that everything is localized.  He also wanted Circle to be “relevant to where you are, than who you are.”

A big concern still is privacy and location sharing.  Their CEO believes, however, that users are starting to use apps like Circle and be ok with sharing their location.  New features that were recently introduced were categories for trending, news, family, sport, question, events, nightlife, and other.

Need a spare tire or free doughnut? Circle connects you to people and events nearby

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