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Glass is already becoming a problem while driving

In California a woman, Cecilia Abadie was pulled over for speeding but was also given another ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving.  Google Glass is a new piece of technology that fits over the eyes and gives many of Google’s services virtually hands free and right in front of the user. Cecilia Abadie claims the glasses were not on when she was driving, but this case opens up an interesting topic on how Glass will be handled while driving.  Over the years texting and driving has become a bigger problem and more and more states are making it illegal to text and drive because it distracts drivers from the road.  Google Glass is a new form of mobile technology and it is not even out yet and it is causing problems.  It will be interesting to see how google glass and other mobile devices besides phone impact the law, especially the laws of the road.  This is a prime example of disruptive technology because with this new industry it is changing how humans are doing everyday things.


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