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Watch Out, Google. Vuzix Smart Glasses Sell for $1,000

With all the hype about Google Glass in recent times, a company called Vuzix is started shipping the Vuzix M100 that is marked as the first commercially available smart glasses. Vuzix released these glasses for purchase by consumer for $1000, $500 cheaper than Google’s Glass Explorer Edition. Although Google Glass’ developer and early adopters edition glasses are $1500, Google has promised to lower the price for the consumer edition. It’s apparent that smart glasses are becoming more and more popular and there will be many more competitors for Google as time passes. This is also great for application developers in the sense that an entirely new market is rising with the development of these devices. Developers now have their hands on Google Glass and the Vuzix M100 smart glasses. It is only a matter of time until useful applications are built and smart glasses become a part of every day life. To read more about this topic, check out the article link below.

Source: Watch out, Google. Vuzix Smart Glasses Sell for $1,000

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