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iOS 6 Users Having Problems With Wi-Fi On iPhone and iPad

A number of Apple iOS 6 users say they still can’t connect to Wi-Fi networks, and the problem isn’t just with the iphone 5.

Reports of the glitch have filled up 91 pages on Apple’s Discussion Forums since September 19. Most users say the Wi-Fi option on their device is grayed out, preventing them from accessing the feature at all. Many have tried the usual fixes, such as reinstalling the OS, resetting the device, and even getting a replacement unit from Apple. But the problem persists.

Some users have said the bug is isolated to the iphone 5. But many of the complaints on Apple’s forums are from people using an iPhone 4S, iPad, or another Apple device.

iOS 6 users first ran into Wi-Fi problems shortly after the OS was released. Several people reported then that the Wi-Fi option was grayed out. The culprit was traced back to an offline Apple Web page that checks to make sure a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t require a login. Once the page was brought back up, the glitch was fixed. Or so it was thought.

As is often the case, the issue affects some users and not others. It’s still difficult to gauge how many people are affected. That makes the problem more difficult to resolve since there are likely other factors involved than just the new OS.

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Samsung Already Fixed The Remote Data Wipe Security Issue

New security issue discovered on Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone, if you visited a website that contained a particular line of code, you handset would be remotely wiped.

The line of code was capable of triggering a factory reset of the Samsung Galaxy S III, and now Samsung has announced that they have a fix for the issue and it is being released as an over the air update.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S III it is recommended that you install the OTA update to your handset as soon as possible as this should protect you from the remote data wipe issue.

Samsung Announces Fix For Remote Data Wipe Security Issue

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Dev-Team Already Jailbreak IOS 6

Apple only released their new iOS 6 mobile operating system for its devices yesterday, but already the hacking crew over at the iphone Dev-Team have wasted no time and has already jailbroken the new iOS6 software.

The latest jailbreak from the iPhone Dev-Team, will currently work on older A4 powered iPhones and iPods, with its redsn0w tethered jailbreak solution.

Devices fitted with Apple’s A4 processor include iphone 4, 3GS and 4th-gen iPod touch.


iOS 6 Jailbroken Already By iPhone Dev-Team

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Groupon Launches Mobile Payment Service Like Square

Following on from the trials Groupon was conducting back in May for their new mobile payment service along similar lines of Square.

Groupon has now launched their new mobile payment service, that enables users and merchants to accept and process credit card payments using Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

The new Groupon payment service also allows merchants to accept and process the companies coupons aptly names “Groupons” through the system.

For more information jump over to the jump over to the new Groupon Mobile Payment Service website for details.


Groupon Launches Mobile Payment Service Similar To Square

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iphone 5 will not work with sprint’s HD voice service

US mobile carrier Sprint has announced that Apple’s new iphone 5, which will land on Sprint next Friday the 21st of September is not compatible with its HD Voice service.

Sprint confirmed the news to the guys over at phone scoop, and whilst the iPhone 5 is capable of wideband audio (HD Voice), Sprint’s version wont work with it, although this could change if the future.


Sprint Announces iPhone 5 Will Not Work With Its HD Voice Service


google fixed seven security holes in Android mobile browser

Google has upgraded its Chrome browser for Android devices, boosting its security framework and patching several security bugs. The security holes that were fixed were all rated as “medium” for their severity, and Google paid $500 for each one to the individuals who reported them.

The seven bugs included a current-tab cross-application scripting vulnerability, a file-induced information and credential disclosure and cookie theft by a malicious local Android application.

The new version of Chrome for Android also features improved sandbox technology, which isolates websites so that malicious ones don’t impact the entire browser operation.

This improved sandbox functionality will be automatically used for Android devices running the 4.1 version of the OS, commonly known as Jelly Bean. The upgrade is also available for users of devices running version 4.0 of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Android users catching up with iOS in paid apps

A study put out today shows that the discrepancy between iOS and Android users on the topic of spending money on applications has drastically shrank over the past year. The guys over at SwiftKey partnered with a few websites to take a poll to see how users on each OS buy applications. Last year 39% of iOS users owned 20 or more paid apps with 3% having none. Android was the opposite with 12% having none and a measly 10% having over 20.

This year, that large difference has evened out a little bit. Android’s numbers have jumped to 19% of users having over 20 paid apps and no paid apps down to 6%. iOS has dropped dramatically down to 26% with the rate of no apps growing at the same time. Google has certainly been a bit more forceful in how apps should look since ICS was released, but there could be other reasons for this growth as well. The quality of apps on the platform has definitely improved. Plus, many developers are pricing their apps at lower introductory price points to get you into the game, where they then sell you additional features through in-app purchases.

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1.3 million daily Android devices activations

Just a few short months ago, back in June, Google executive Andy Rubin trumpeted the fact that more than 900,000 Android devices were being activated every day. Roughly the same time last year–in June 2011–it was just 500,000 new units being activated daily. In 2010, a year or so earlier, it was more like 100,000 activations each day.

On Wednesday, however, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt announced at Motorola’s “On Display” event in New York that the platform has now reached a full 1.3 million new activations each day, according to a TechCrunch reports, thus continuing steadily on its dramatic upward climb.

There are now some 500 million Android devices out there in the wild around the globe, Schmidt said, and smartphones still outweigh tablets by far. In fact, just 70,000 of those 1.3 million daily activations are tablets, the report notes.