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T-Mobile plans to release iPhone in 2013

“T-Mobile has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together next year. Additional details will be made available at a later date,” T-Mobile spokesperson told ABC News.

T-Mobile wouldn’t elaborate on the exact products to ABC News, but T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere said while speaking at the Deutsche Telekom conference Thursday that it will carry the iPhone and will offer it in a different way.

T-Mobile is the last major U.S. carrier to get the iPhone; Sprint, Verizon and AT&T all offer it. (AT&T was the first in 2007.) For lack of the iPhone, a high-speed LTE network and some other benefits, T-Mobile fell behind in the U.S. and lost customers. But 2013 might be the year the carrier turns it around with its plans to acquire Metro PCS, launch its LTE networks and now offer those all-important Apple products.

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Mobile Industry keeping an Eye on new Ad Blocking software

Adverts on smartphones and other roaming devices could become obsolete under plans by  Adblock. On the 27th November 2012] Eyeo – developer of AdBlock Plus – will launch a version of its popular program for Android phones in a move that is likely to cause headaches for the mobile advertising industry.
Some 50 million people have already downloaded the PC version of AdBlock Plus, which prevents pop-up and display adverts on websites as well as the hitherto unavoidable ads that precede videos on sites such as YouTube.

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Mobile App Revenue reported expected to exceed $30billion by end of 2012

By the end of this year, the mobile app industry will have generated more than $30 billion in revenue since  four years ago, according to a report on mobile markets by ABI Research, a tech analysis firm.

The report takes into account money made from app purchases, in-app purchases (such as upgrades inside video game apps), advertisements inside of apps and also subscriptions.


(The app market took off in 2008 when Apple introduced the App Store and invited developers to build apps for the iPhone)

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Schools embracing mobile technology to teach

At the Terrey Hills school, students can choose their own devices, unlike most public schools where students are given a laptop.

Mr Harris said the Bring Your Own Device model meant students took more responsibility for their own equipment.

The school used the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution funding to upgrade its wireless network instead of buying laptops.


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Project Global Voyager : The end of roaming fees?

Voyager Mobile has introduced its new international communications technology at the MVNOs Industry Summit USA 2012 in Dallas, Texas. Project Global Voyager is Voyager Mobile’s exclusive, patent-pending global wireless technology that promotes cell phone usage across the world – without any roaming charges, period.

“It’s technology that promotes collaboration between companies, vendors, employees, and customers wherever they may be in the world. It’s technology that keeps a mom in touch with her son while he’s backpacking throughout Europe. And, it’s technology that keeps doctors in Africa in constant communication with their counterparts in the US.” – John Mardini, President of Voyager Mobile

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Mobile Networks Vulnerable to ‘jamming’ Attacks

New high-speed wireless networks are vulnerable to relatively simple jamming attacks, which could be used by terrorists or criminals.

Single mobile devices are in danger, however it is suspected this does not affect the entire mobile networks as a whole.

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Windows 8 App Submission Process a Terrible First Hand Experience

After 10 months of work, including winning a Microsoft app contest, developer says he’s still unable to get the app past the Windows Store approval process.


After 10 months of work it was finally time for this Professional App developer to submit his app to the new Windows App store. This took 2 months of errors and failures on Microsofts end, and none of the experienced personell that were asked for assistance submitting the app (including many higher ranking Microsoft employees) had no clue what the problem was either. He lost out on many opportunities to create and run a great app, and has yet to be able to publish it.


Read the developer’s own blog post about the issue here

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Microsoft Windows Surface RT Not Up to Par

Microsoft released their new Microsoft Surface Tablet to compete with others in the tablet market. With this release came their brand new Windows App Market.

Unfortunately the market does not have anywhere near as many apps as the android or apple app markets, and is a major let down for consumers and producers alike.

Due to this, the surface is

“not entertaining enough to replace a wildly popular tablet, nor work-friendly enough to replace a laptop.” – 


Check out Article Here

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Essential Apps for Mobile Devices

Gizmodo put together a list of must have Apps to make your everyday life much easier. They have options for all mobile Operating Systems.

Click here to check them out!

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New AMD AppZone brings thousands of Android apps to Windows

The collaboration integrates technology from BlueStacks, whose investors include AMD, into the newly launched AMD AppZone, a marketplace that will make upwards of 500,000 Android apps available to traditional desktop and laptop users.

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iPhone5 more resilient to drop damage than Galaxy S3.

The result: The new iPhone is bulletproof compared to Samsung’s flagship phone.

The excitable tester dropped both phones from different heights, progressively getting higher each time. He started with a drop from pocket height, then shoulder height, then from his ear and finally from about six feet above a cobblestoned road overlooking Hong Kong’s waterfront.

The iPhone 5 survived every time with no cracks in the display. Even from the highest position (which the GSIII abstained from), the iPhone only had cosmetic — although very noticeable — damage to the edges.


Desktop Computers.. running on Android?

Motorola Mobility has introduced a desktop all-in-one computer running the Android operating system. The Cloud Broadband is being launched in China in partnership with WASU Digital Group.

Motorola is offering the device with access to services from Chinese cable TV and digital broadcasting operator China Digital Media.

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Cracking down on illegal Android Downloads

Android may be an open platform but that doesn’t stop pirates from illegally providing apps. Severalsites have operated out in the open, but that’s been shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice.

According to PC World Applanet, Appbucket, and Snappzmarket are now offline, with the latter two displaying FBI seizure notices. The shutdown is the result of an operation between the FBI, Justice Department, several Attorneys General, and French and Dutch law enforcement agencies.



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The Mobile Wallet Thickens.

A group of major retailers in the United States on Wednesday announced a new mobile commerce platform, Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX).MCX is backed by several major retailers, and it boasts a flexible payment solution with a customizable platform. Members include 7-Eleven, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Sears Holdings, Target, Walmart, Shell Oil and Sunoco.

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A Lesson in the Benefits of Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi service is becoming an important tool for operators in maintaining quality mobile service during a time of skyrocketing data traffic, congested mobile networks and, for travelers, costly roaming charges.

The Cloud, a company that operates 11,000 public hot spots in Britain, most of them for free, offered free Wi-Fi on trains and in parts of greater London during the Games. Vince Russell, the managing director of The Cloud, which is owned by BskyB, the British satellite broadcaster, said next-generation cell networks cannot keep pace with rising mobile data traffic.

“What you are seeing is a growth in hybrid networks, where you have cellular combined with Wi-Fi,”

Mr. Russell said.

The possibilities of the effect of Free Wi-Fi are numerous, and can only helped when utilized correctly.

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Nokia Lumia to delivers latest innovation on Windows Phone 8

The New Nokia Lumia Range Delivers Latest PureView Camera Innovation, New Navigation Experiences and Wireless Charging on Windows Phone 8.


The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, including the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation. Using advanced floating lens technology, the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 is able to take in five times more light than competing smartphones without using flash, making it possible to capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night. It also compensates for hand movement while the photo is being taken.

Windows Phone 8 provides a more personal smartphone experience, with a start screen that can be more easily rearranged to reflect individual priorities and new animated Live Tiles for real-time updates on the things that matter most. The ability to sync content between Windows Phone 8 smartphones, Windows 8-based PCs and tablets or Xbox means files, music, pictures and video can be accessed in whichever way is most convenient. With Internet Explorer 10 for faster, safer browsing and Microsoft Office apps built into the platform, Windows Phone 8 is also the easiest way for getting things done.