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Mobile App Platform Allows Code-Free Development on iOS

A startup vendor iGenapps unveiled a do-it-yourself mobile application platform. Users can essentially build forms-based applications without programming.  The platform is already available for Apple’s iOS devices and an adroid version is going to be released in the next couple of weeks.

What the platform does, is enable users to assemble programs right on their devices and link to a cloud on the back end. The applications developed are distributed to users via an email link.  Users get all this for a low price of 1.99 on the app store.

There is some concerns about the limited complexity of the app developed by iGenapps. But since their target audience is small to medium business owners, complexity is not necessarily something they would worry to much about.  Not to mention, saving $50,000 in development can curve any and all doubts.


Mobile app platform allows for code-free development on iOS | Mobile Technology – InfoWorld.

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Rapid Protect Announces Major Update of Its Mobile Applications

Rapid Protect, a leading developer in Mobile Safety and security software is planning a major update to its mobile applications. While there are many new updates like in-app secure chat and photo check ins, one of the main new features of the update is to allow businesses to collaborate across international boundaries from mobile phones.

Rapid Protect applications are available for all mobile platforms and has a web enabled secure interface that lets user interact and access information from the desktops of their home and offices. This update is just one of many new ways Rapid Protect is contributing to the safety of families and businesses everywhere.

Rapid Protect, a Leading Developer of Mobile Safety, Security and Collaboration Software, Announces Major Update of Its Mobile Applications and Web Service Platform | Virtual-Strategy Magazine.

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Apple Prepping a ‘Revolutionary’ New Product

It seems that whenever Philippe Starck is around, Apple is working on something big.  That is the case now, as reports claim that Apple is working on a revolutionary new product to be released within the next eight months.  It is highly likely that this will be some type of mobile device.  Some people say that it may even be a new iPhone.  Whatever it may be, the track record between French designer Philippe and Apple suggest that this new project will be amazing.


Apple said to be prepping a ‘revolutionary’ new product that will launch this year.

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The Employment Boom in Mobile Apps Continues

According to the Mobile Marketing Watch, the mobile app industry is creating jobs at a dramatic pace.  They estimate that there are roughly 466,000 jobs for mobile app development in the US alone.

Large companies everywhere are hiring more mobile app developers and the supply of expert mobile developers is running dry. Now is the perfect time to join this booming business.

The Employment Boom in Mobile Apps Continues | Mobile Marketing Watch.

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5 Tips for Successful Mobile App Development

When developing an app for the enterprise or for anything else in general, here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Create task-specific-apps: Every app should be created to accomplish specific tasks. There should be a focus on accomplishing the app’s mission statement.

2. Design for the user: It doesn’t matter what you think.  The app should be developed for the users.  It should focus on providing the best user experience.

3. Make security a priority: Essential security measures must be included to protect the data of the users.

4. Embrace the platform: Utilize the features of the device or platform that you are working on to make the app better.

5. Mind your business: If your an enterprise, focus on your area of expertise.  If you don’t have a system in place to create apps, it is probably better to have someone else do it for you.


5 tips for successful mobile app development for the enterprise.

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CDN Mobile Solutions are Top Mobile Application Developers

Sourcing Line voted CDN Mobile Solution as the top mobile app developers.  They boast an impressive 38000+ hours of experience. They develop apps for all platforms and use innovative research techniques to stay on top of the game.

They often find the best solution to a problem the client has.  CDN Mobile Solutions is only part of a larger CDN Solutions Group, which is a one-stop-shop IT services Provider.


CDN Mobile Solutions Ranked as Top Mobile Application Developers –

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Secure Coding Practices Out The Window

With the mobile app development boom that has occurred recently, businesses large and small wants to develop mobile apps.  There are a lack of standards for app development and this can lead to some major design flaws.

A major concern has arisen among security professionals.  The speedy development of apps are causing many security issues with apps.  These issues put customers and businesses at risk.

Whats important for mobile app developers is to look at the places where you can be most liable or at risk, and make sure you test them to make sure they are secure,


Secure Coding Practices Out The Window With Mobile Apps – Dark Reading.

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Google to Hire More Mobile App Developers

In order to help compete with Apple, Google is hiring dozens of Mobile App Developers. Even current Google employees have changed jobs to work on the effort.  They plan on creating a wide variety of applications.  Most of their applications now, are just extensions of their web properties.  Although this seems like its about to change with the influx of new talent Google is acquiring.


Google to hire more mobile app developers – report – Telecompaper.

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Mobile Apps Are Changing Classrooms and Education

The way education is taught in school is changing.  Inside the classroom, mobile apps are changing the way people learn.  It is allowing teachers to teach more effectively.

The benefits of apps educationally, are apparent outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, mobile apps are helping deal with problems like participation and motivation.

Kids now live in the Information Age.  For them to  learn more effectively, mobile apps should become a part of the education system.


Piyush Mangukiya: How Mobile Apps Are Changing Classrooms and Education.

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Twitter Gobbles News/Foraging Mobile App Startup

Twitter has bought a Canadian start up company called Summify.  They develop an app that automatically goes through articles that gets shared among social networks and gathers them together.

They plan to connect people with the most relevant news for them in the most efficient manner.  As part of the deal, Summify will have to discontinue some of its services.  Not all of their users are happy about the sale.  Although thats to be expected.


Twitter gobbles news-foraging mobile app startup • The Register.

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Phone, Tablet Owners Use Apps More Than Web

Phone and Tablet owners used to spend most of their time on the web.  But things have changed and new studies have shown that they are using apps more than they use the web.

A major contributor to this growth seems to be that consumers are using their apps more frequently.  So it doesn’t mean that they are on their apps for a long period of time.

Another contributor to the growth in usage, is that most websites have developed an app for their content.  So users no longer have to use the standard web search to access it.


Phone, tablet users spend more time with apps than Web –

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Mobile Apps Quietly Steal Your Privacy

If you think you were safe using Mobile Apps, think again. Studies have shown that some apps infringe on the users privacy.  You would think it’s because of malware, but its not.  They are alot of concerns from apps that are sharing information that people aren’t aware of.  There are also app the have not been built securely.

Its been revealed that the authentication credentials for some apps are being stored on the backup file in clear text.  This allows anyone who has a backup of your phone to view that info in plain text.

People think that if they downloaded it from the store it is safe.  They are far from the truth.


Mobile Apps Quietly Steal Your Privacy – Security – Mobile Security – Informationweek.


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Grooveshark Launches HTML5 Mobile App to get Around Being Banned in App Stores

Grooveshark has been in legal issues with major music labels.  Like YouTube, Grooveshark depends on users to legally upload music that can be enjoyed by the community.  These legal issues has caused them to get banned from the Apple and Google mobile app stores.

With the launch of HTML5, they have found a way to work around not being in the app stores.  Users can access the app through their mobile browsers.  The app itself is simple in design right now, but functional.  But we can expect that to change in the near future.


Grooveshark launches HTML5 mobile app to get around being banned in app stores | VentureBeat.