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App Developers: Android and iOS Capture Majority of Smartphone Market

Android and iOS are the OSs that app developers should focus on since they have captured over 85% of the smartphone OS market. Why should an app developer spend time on anything else since any other OS is in the shrinking minority?

Amazingly, Android holds 68% of that 85% OS market share and that is largely due to Samsung, the Korean company that manufactures over 44% of the Android phones sold. This amount out distances its next seven competitors combined.

Despite Microsoft’s attempt to break into the mobile phone market as of Q2 2012 it only accounts for 3.5% of the total market share.

Norem, J. (2012, November 10). Android, ios conquer smartphone market. MaximumPC, 17(11), 9.

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iOS 6: A Future Opportunity for Application Developers?

There is little doubt among experts that Apple’s iOS 6 is an improvement over the previous iOS 5 version but there is still room for development especially in replacing certain carry over applications.
Apple maps have been a big disappointment to many users. It’s missing many of the components that have been taken for granted by many users of Google Maps such as major points of interest, as well as many street and city names. In addition, Street View a major and appreciated component of Google Maps is nowhere to be found in Apple Maps.
Apple’s email application has a few new features but by in large problems still exist like the inability to mark all emails as read or to delete all email messages. There is also little support for new fonts or page styles in email. There is also no spam filter for the device itself nor support for group emails.
Siri needs further development as its voice recognition ability is still very poor as it typically mistranslates almost 50% of the time. Google’s voice recognition program is far more efficient.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow users to delete unwanted Apple-developed applications. Whether you want it or not you’re often stuck with an Apple-developed application you can’t use and you cannot even hide it from view.

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Samsung Touts Features of Galaxy S III Over IPhone 5

This last weekend Samsung came out with an ad titled “It doesn’t take a genius” comparing its Galaxy S III (GS3) to Apple’s new IPhone 5.The ad’s title is a shot at Apple’s Genius Bar which refers to Apple’s Help Center located in its retail stores.The ad itself goes through a 12 point spec-by-spec comparison of the two mobile phones with the GS3 having the better features according to Samsung.

Apple fans being distraught over the Samsung ad came out with their own version of the ad with the title “Don’t Settle for Cheap Plastic.”  An obvious  reference to the inexpensive materials used in the GS3 as compared to the IPhone 5 which is made of aluminum and glass. Apple fans commented on the Samsung’s feature comparison list and embellished it to show the superiority of the IPhone 5 with its additional features.

Nokia fans also countered with an ad of their own titled “Flyweight Contender, Meet the Heavyweight Champion,”  which compared the IPhone 5 to the Lumia 920. One of the Lumia 920 advantages listed was the fact that the device weighs 6.53 ounces as compared with the IPhone 5 weight of 3.95 ounces. Why a heaver phone is an advantage is a puzzlement to many people.

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Demand for IPhone 5 Exceeds Supply

Apple booked 2 million orders for the new IPhone 5 in one day. This caused the company to push back many of its delivery dates although Apple indicated it would deliver most of the IPhones as promised on Friday.

This is not the first time Apple had sold out of one of its products on the first day. The company’s IPhone 4 set a previous one-day record of 600,000 units while the IPhone 4S broke that record when over I million orders were placed in a day.

The stock market acknowledged the sale of the IPhone 5 as a share of Apple stock went up 1 percent to $698.50 in early morning trading.

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What does it Cost Apple for the New IPhone 5?

Techinsights which is owned by UBM has estimated that it costs Apple about $167.50 for a 16-Gb version of the IPhone 5. This estimate is based on initial information released by Apple on September 12th. Earlier versions of the IPhone such as the 4S cost Apple about $35 less.

Apple plans to sell the new IPhone 5 for approximately $199 which is due to be released on September 21st.

A complete breakdown of the estimated costs to construct the IPhone 5 may be found at the following website:–167-50?itc=edit_stub

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NASA to Launch Android Smartphone Powered Nano-Satellites

NASA will shortly send up two cube-shaped nano-satellites into space that weigh approximately two pounds apiece. The pair will each be powered by an Android Smartphone

Samsung’s Nexus S (PhoneSat 2.0) will power one of the nano-satellites while the other will be powered by an HTC’s Nexus One (PhoneSat 1.0). NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology program will oversee the project named PhoneSat.

PhoneSat 1.0 will be using the Nexus 1.0 Smartphone, batteries, a watchdog circuit, and a radio beacon to record its position in space as well as take photos. Phonesat 2.0 will have GPS receiver and solar panels.

The cost for the nano-satellites will be very reasonable with PhoneSat 1.0 costing about $3500 while PhoneSat 2.0 will cost a little more with its extra equipment.

Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Antares rocket will be used to launch the two nano-satellites by the end the year. The launch will cost NASA about $50,000.

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Venture Capital and Mobile Technology

Want to know how Venture Capital (VC) is spent on mobile technology? Rajeen Chand, Managing Director as well as Head of Research for Rutberg & Co., a research-centric investment bank has recently come out with a 2012 update on VC and its relationship to mobile phone technology. This document covers such areas as VC Investments in Mobile, the Proportion of Mobile VC to Overall Technical VC, VC Investments vs. Technical Companies’ R&D Expenditures, and other relevant mobile charts and diagrams.

VC is a major economic factor in mobile technology development and can also be instrumental in fueling disruptive technologies. A very interesting VC in Mobile 1h2012 Cluster Map by Chand shows the relationship as well as the breakdown of VC across such areas as Advertising, Video, Consumer Apps, Commerce, Enterprise, Device and mHealth.

Click to access 1H12update.pdf

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Nokia Introduces the New Lumia 920 Mobile Phone

This article by Paul Lilly of MaximumPC is a comparison between Nokia’s new Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 and its older Lumia 900 Windows Phone 7.

The new Nokia Lumia 920 is a mobile smart phone that contains the 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon SA processor. It has 32 GB of internal storage plus 1 GB of RAM. It also has a rear as well as a front facing digital cameras and a 4.5 inch HD (1280 x 768) IPS display. The Lumia 920 is also the first mobile smart phone in the world to have physical Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). The new Lumia 920 is superior to its older Lumia 900 brother in every way incuding cpu, ram, internal storage and cameras.

Although the new Lumia 920 cannot really be considered disruptive technology it does contain innovative OIS technology that contributes substantially to the field of mobile technology development. Such a feature is sure to inspire other mobile smart phone developers to incorporate a similar feature in their smart phones.

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Consumers Concerned Over Mobile Applications

Bob Sullivan of NBC’s Red Tape Chronicles website recently indicated that 54% of cell phone users have become so concerned about privacy on their mobile phones that they have avoided downloading many applications . In addition, 30% of cell phone users have also removed other applications from their mobile phones in their fear about data sharing. Sullivan backs up his statistics from the Internet and American Live survey report recently released by the Pew Research Center.  The margin of error for the study was plus or minus 4%.

Pew Research also found that mobile phone users  can’t seem to keep there hands on their mobile phones as they are lost or stolen at an alarming rate. Over 45% of the user population between the ages of 18 – 24 have lost phones. The loss rate is a little better for older users between 35 – 54 years of age where only 30% have lost their mobile phone. The age group with the least loss phones were those users 65 or older who had a loss rate of only 20%.

Hopefully,  mobile phone and application developers will come up with some solutions for reducing the lost phone problem. Lookout Mobile security which is based in California estimates that lost phones will cost U.S consumers $30 billion this year. The good news is that the Federal Communications Commission announced earlier this year that all the major U.S. Carriers will now start turning off lost mobile phones thus reducing their value for resale.

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Samsung Upsizes Handheld Android Experience with 5.8-inch Galaxy Player

Samsung has recently refused to leave the 5.8 inch smart phone market untouched although it has ignored it in the past. It has introduced the largest Galaxy Player yet and it sports a 960 x 540 resolution screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The mobile device has top as well as bottom speakers and it runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich topped with Touchwiz.

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Samsung Announces First Windows 8 Phone

Although Samsung recently lost a billion dollar verdict to rival Apple, it surprised everyone recently by announcing the Ativ S, the first Windows 8 smart phone. Thus edging out Nokia and every other Microsoft partner planning to launch Windows 8 devices of their own.