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Mobile app revenues skyrocket to $30B market

Individual developers may feel like it’s an uphill battle trying to get consumers to open their wallets, but taken as a whole, the market for mobile apps has grown an unprecedented amount.

According to ABI Research’s most recent market data, the cumulative revenue base made from pay-per-downloads, in-app purchases, subscriptions and in-app advertisements will pass $30 billion by the end of 2012–nearly double the growth of 2011.

via Mobile app revenues skyrocket to $30B market – FierceDeveloper.

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T-Mobile smartphone subsidies end in 2013

If you want to get an inexpensive smartphone from T-Mobile, you’d better do it fast. FierceWireless reports that T-Mobile will formally kill off its smartphone subsidies in 2013 and will replace them with a new system where customers “pay an upfront fee for their devices and then pay the balance of the device in affordable monthly installments 

T-Mobile smartphone subsidies end in 2013 | BGR.

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LTE subscribers expected to double by 2014

“As consumers and enterprises increasingly expect always-on connectivity anywhere they go, operators around the world face unprecedented challenges,” Yankee analyst Declan Lonergan said in a statement. “Not only are they tasked with investing in new infrastructure and rolling out next-generation LTE networks at an ever-faster pace (in a decidedly harsh economic climate), but they must also find innovative ways to monetize those new networks, all while fighting increasingly intense competition from OTT vendors intent on stealing away their bread-and-butter voice and messaging revenue.” 

LTE subscribers expected to double by 2014 | BGR.

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Android, Apple Dominate at Home but Share Work With BlackBerry


When nearly 4,000 information workers were asked which operating system their work device runs, Apple, Android and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry-despite all the funeral marches that have been played for RIM’s brand of late-were shown to be used in roughly equal numbers, according to Forrester’s Forrsights Workforce and Hardware report.

So even though BlackBerry share of sales has slipped, it’s still the smartphone used for work by 26% of information workers across our 17-country sample, second only to Android at 27%, with Apple iOS at 24%.

Android, Apple Dominate at Home but Share Work With BlackBerry.

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Chinese market share soars to more than 90% for Andriod

The Android operating system has seen substantial growth in the Asian country and is now estimated to have captured 90.1% of the market, a year-over-year increase from 58.2%

This is probably the result of budget smartphones being  a hot seller in the country with the average price of an Android device being roughly $220, compared to the iPhone’s average of $720.

Android: Chinese market share soars to more than 90% | BGR.

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Texas Instruments to lay of 1,700

Chipmaker Texas Instruments said Wednesday that it will lay off 1,700 workers in an effort to shift focus away from its struggling mobile business. he Dallas-based company had made some headway in the smartphone market a few years ago. But recently the biggest mobile phone makers, including Samsung and Applehave opted to design their own chips for their respective Galaxy smartphones and iPhones.

TI says it’s time to reconsider its strategy, opting instead to embrace what many industry experts believe is the future of the mobile sector: embedded connectivity in everyday items, including appliances, cars and even clothing.

Texas Instruments to lay of 1,700 – Nov. 14, 2012.

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Google Maps iOS 6 app:

Ever since Apple replaced Google with its own mapping services in iOS earlier this year, the Internet giant has been rumored to be preparing a dedicated Maps application for the iPhone and iPad. While Google’s former CEO and current chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed in September that the company had not prepared a maps application for iOS 6, recent reports suggested that an iOS-specific app was on its way, although employees believed Apple would bar it from its App Store. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google has reportedly distributed a test version of its new mapping app for iPhones and iPads to testers outside of the company and is putting the “finishing touches” on the app before submitting it to the App Store. A Google spokesperson responded to the report with a vague statement confirming that the company’s goal is “to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.”

Google Maps iOS 6 app: Testing taking place outside of company | BGR.

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Google Wants to be a Wireless Carrier

Google  has already conquered the software side of smartphones and now the technology giant is reportedly in talks to take over the airwaves. The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported that Google has held talks with satellite television provider Dish Network regarding the possibility of a venture that would see Google launch its own cellular network and compete directly with the likes of Verizon and AT&T. The Journal says the talks are not in advanced stages and could lead nowhere, though Dish did confirm that it is discussing the launch of a new cellular network using its spectrum with a number of potential partners ”who would like to be in the industry.


Google Dish Negotiations: Google Wants to be a Wireless Carrier | BGR.

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Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad, Android to Debut in 2013

Although Office Mobile has been rumored and reportedly spotted in the wild, Microsoft has remained persistently quiet about its plans for the product,” the report said. “The Verge has learned through several sources close to Microsoft’s plans that the company will release Office versions for Android and iOS in early 2013.”

The expected Office Mobile products will first arrive as “free apps that allow Android and iOS users to view Microsoft Office documents on the move.

Another way  how Microsoft can accomplish this is that  in September revealed pricing for Office 365, the cloud-based version of the Office suite. For both home users and small businesses, a subscriber could pay a monthly fee for Office 365 and run it on up to five devices that could be Windows or Mac devices, including desktop and notebook PCs, tablets and smartphones. Accessing Office in the cloud could be a way to bring the productivity suite to a variety of device types, including iOS and Android


via Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad, Android to Debut in 2013: Report.

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Sprint’s 4G LTE Spectrum Buying Spree Continues

Sprint has announced plans to buy a small portion of smaller carrier US Cellular in bid to build up its presence in Midwest and add to its LTE spectrum holdings

Ultimately, this deal is about the spectrum that Sprint needs to overcome its currently weak position in LTE spectrum holdings. Sprint currently divides its 4G network among its own limited LTE deployments, WiMAX deployments, and 4G deployments owned by Clearwire. Sprint owns slightly less than half of Clearwire.

The reason for the urgency is two-fold. First, AT&T has been on a buying spree to add as much LTE spectrum as it can find. If Sprint waited, it could be that AT&T would decide to buy part of US Cellular. This way, Sprint when it combines the spectrum it has from the Clearwire deal to the spectrum from the US Cellular deal, will have enough room for LTE for now

via Sprint’s 4G LTE Spectrum Buying Spree Continues With US Cellular Deal.

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Pentagon opens its door to iPhones, Android devices

In another blow to RIM’s fortunes, the U.S. Department of Defense may be willing to consider smartphones other than BlackBerries if they can meet the government’s tough security rules.

The DOD is inviting vendors to bid on software to secure non-RIM smartphones and tablets, according to a report by Reuters. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) may award a contract in April 2013. The contract would cover 162,500 devices to start and ultimately reach 262,500.

The DOD’s decision shows how dramatically the smartphone and tablet market has changed in the five years since the iPhone was first released. RIM has relied on its vaunted secure network connections, and device and operating system security to become the standard mobile device in many government agencies and security-conscious enterprises. It can no longer do so.

Beyond BlackBerry: Pentagon opens its door to iPhones, Android devices | Mobile Technology – InfoWorld.


Fewer fans line up for iPad Mini

Last friday, the iPad Mini went on sale but sales were smaller than previous apple debuts. Buyers were required to pre-order the device and arrive to pick up at a scheduled time, which may have contributed to the muted response. 

Those who crowded in the store over the iPad Mini display seemed more curious than ready to purchase the tablets, with models starting at $329. “I have several other tablets, so I’m just going to wait,” said one customer, who asked not to be named, as he tried out the iPad Mini.



Fewer fans line up for iPad Mini –

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Apple iPhone U.S. statistics for Quarter 3

Three conclusions were presented when the Q3 numbers were crunched  The first is that 80% of all devices sold last quarter on both carriers were smartphones. The second piece of info is 48% of all post-paid retail handsets sold were iPhones. And lastly, 60% of all smartphones sold on both carriers combined in Q3 were iPhones

via Apple iPhone U.S. statistics | BGR.

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An Infographic on The Mobile Workforce

This is a fun way to look at the number of people who use mobile technology. The infographic intends to give an insight on the growth of the global enterprise, the mobile workers and their preferences on device usage and applications.

Click to view the complete infographic on The Mobile Workforce.


Mobile Development Talk » An Infographic on The Mobile Workforce.

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Developers prefer testing Android apps on samsung device

A recent survey from Evans Data polled more than 400 developers on the issue of Android fragmentation and examined preferences on the “ideal device” for testing their applications. There was a clear winner: Samsung with nearly 50 percent of respondents. The next most popular choice was device maker HTC with nearly 30 percent. The rest of the Android device makers, including Sony, Motorola and LG, trailed at 10 percent or less each

Some vendors are trying to tackle fragmentation head-on and assist developers. Amazon, for example, recently introduced Device Targeting, which consolidates all download metrics, reviews and pageviews into a single app and allows developers to tailor APKs to whichever smartphones or tablets they choose.

Samsung devices considered best for testing Android apps – FierceDeveloper.


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AT&T Plans LTE Expansion Thanks to FCC Vote

AT&T plans to roll out an LTE network using WCS spectrum in three years, the carrier announced after the FCC unanimously voted to free up WCS spectrum for broadband use.

The U.S Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Oct. 17 to free up 30MHz of Wireless Communication Services (WCS) spectrum for use with mobile broadband and specifically Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. The vote is a win for AT&T and Sirius XM, which in June submitted a proposal outlining how, were it made available, they would use the WCS band.

via AT&T Plans LTE Expansion Thanks to FCC Vote.

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Blackberry launching first BBX smartphone next year

Leaked BlackBerry London is real, launching in Q3.

To try and stay alive in the mobile market blackberry is going to introduce “The London” next year, which will be the company’s first BBX-based smartphone.

RIM still has not been able to get BES or BBM working on BBX devices — probably the only two features BlackBerry phones are still known for these days — so launch details are anything but firm right now.

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Planned Bill would create FDA Office of Mobile Health

Though the Food and Drug Administration is developing regulations for mobile medical apps, at least one member of Congress believes the federal agency is not currently equipped to handle the rapid pace of innovation in mobile technology.

The planned legislation, reportedly known as the Healthcare Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act (HIMTA), also would set up a support program within the Department of Health and Human Services to help mobile health technology developers follow HIPAA privacy standards as they design new apps.

via Bill would create FDA Office of Mobile Health, HHS support for app developers | mobihealthnews.


Developers Would Rather program iOS Than HTML5

A survey of developers shows that their interest is in iOS, while Android and Windows 8 get mixed reviews.

In the most recent quarterly survey of its own developer base, mobile application development platform vendor Appcelerator found widespread dissatisfaction with nearly every key feature of HTML5. (IDC conducted the actual survey.) Developers dissed the user experience, performance, monetization, fragmentation, distribution control, timeliness of new updates, and security. That covers pretty much the whole HTML5 app gamut.

The only HTML5 features that earned a thumbs-up were cross-development capabilities and immediate updates, liked by a few points more than 80 percent of the respondents.

via Developers: Up with iOS, down with HTML5 | The Industry Standard – InfoWorld.

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Digia buys Qt app framework from Nokia

Qt is a cross-platform application and user interface framework designed to let developers write and deploy applications across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting source code.

One of Digia’s first priorities will be to allow Qt-based applications to run on Android, iOS and Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 platform. The goal is to provide support for Android and iOS during the first half of 2013, a spokesman said via email.

What will set Digia apart from the competition is the ability to develop native applications not only for mobile devices, but also for desktops and embedded systems, it maintains.


via Digia buys Qt app framework from Nokia | The Industry Standard – InfoWorld.


UCLA Helps Patients Manage Chronic Intestinal Ailments with the ipad

iPad Use at UCLA Helps Patients Manage Chronic Intestinal Ailments 

Patients, doctors and specialized nurses at the University of California Los Angeles Health System are using the Apple iPad to track symptoms for chronic intestinal disorders such as colitis and communicate in real time.

The iPad will allow physicians to interact with patients from day to day and intervene early if necessary.

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Happtique Creates Guidelines For Mobile Health App

Happtique Mobile Health App Draft Guidelines Are Available – Health Care IT –

Happtique, which runs a marketplace for mobile health applications, has released its draft guidelines on medical app development. This guideline will ensure that only “Good” app will make make it to their Marketplace. For an app to make  it to their market place must pass their APP Certification Program which includes standards in Operability, Privacy, Security, and Content.

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Apple And Google Will Take 98% of The Mobile Market in 2012

Apple, Google Will Take 98 Percent of Mobile Market in 2012: Analyst – Mobile and Wireless – News & Reviews –

Google and Apple will capture so much of the mobile market by the end of 2012 that there won’t even be a viable number-three spot left, according to a new report from Global Equities Research.

Together they  currently share about 85%, leaving the other 15% to split between Windows, BlackBerry, and Nokia.


Android version distribution 2012: Gingerbread dominates ICS, others

Three major revisions of Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system have launched since the company released Android 2.3 more than 21 months ago in December 2010, but Gingerbread is still the most widely used version of Android by a wide margin

via Android version distribution 2012: Gingerbread dominates ICS, others.

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Reports: iPhone 5 to be unveiled Sept. 12

iPhone 5 is said be unveiled on Sept. 12. allowing for pre – orders On Sept. 21st to be sold.