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Shopping service Sift comes to iPhone, riding high on $2M seed round

Online shopping startup Sift, which just closed a $2 million seed round, simultaneously snubs and relies on retail marketing emails.

The company’s iOS app sifts through the glut of daily marketing emails clogging your inbox and transforms that into a personalized storefront. It also incorporates data it gathers through social media, other publicly available sources, and your browsing history within the app, which launched on iPhone today after arriving on iPad last year.

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TextPride scores $1M to bring branded emojis and stickers to mobile apps

Mobile branded content company TextPride has completed a $1 million seed funding round, the company said. TextPride makes stickers and emojis that mobile messaging apps can add as paid upgrades to their services.

The company is currently working with over 200 brands, including the University of Notre Dame, the Chicago Blackhawks, NASCAR, and the U.S. Military, which is bound to be popular. From those 200 partners, TextPride has created over 8,000 branded emoji.

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Microsoft Office to the iPad!! Finally!!

iPad owners tired of waiting for Microsoft to launch a version of Office for the tablet now have yet another option.

Released Thursday, HopTop is a free iPad app that lets you view, edit, and create Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, and view PowerPoint presentations. The ability to edit a PowerPoint file is slated for an upcoming version.

You can access files and documents from Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. A representative for HopTo told me the company plans to add support for Microsoft SkyDrive in the near future. You also can retrieve files from your local computer by installing a File Connector program. For now, the program works only on Windows PCs, but HopTo said that Mac support is coming soon.

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Flipboard Moves Into Commerce With New Shopping Channel

Flipboard will now let users collect products from the new shopping channel or any online retailer into their own Flipboard magazine. They can also browse content that’s pre-loaded into the channel, like custom catalogues from brands like Birchbox, Banana Republic and ModCloth.

After establishing itself as an editorial content discovery engine, Flipboard is hoping to do the same for commerce with a new shopping channel that will let people discover, view and share products. This can be great for the app which has seen significant growth in users every month.

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Slader’s mobile app rewards students for helping eachother with homework

One of the best things about being an adult is we don’t have to do homework.

Ed-tech startup Slader released a mobile app today to make homework a less painful part of students’ lives.

Slader is an online network where students can collaborate and help each other with their homework. They join academic classes and find the relevant textbooks. From there students can post homework assignments, pose questions to their peers, and view and share their work.

Slader said it has worked with over 2 million students around the world and helped solve more than 2 million problems to date. Slader’s goal is to make working on homework at home more collaborative. The network encourages students to work together to answer their own questions, rather than puzzling over it on their own.


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Google Search iOS app now offers hands-free voice search

Google Search for iOS finally seems to have caught up with its Android counterpart.

Released Tuesday, version 3.1 of Google Search for iOS updates Google Now, which provides notifications, reminders, and other personalized taps on the shoulder.

Google Search is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires iOS 6.0 or later.


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ICS Mobile launches AppXchange platform for mobile app discovery

ICS Mobile, the creator of the FeeAppADay promo site, has launched its new app to help you find even more cool pieces of mobile software: AppXchange

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company previously announced that it had teamed up with the big talent agency ICM Partners to get A-list celebrities to promote its new platform. The new app, formerly codenamed ProjectX, has received Apple approval, and it will help apps spread among friends and families, said Joe Bayen, the chief executive of ICS Mobile.

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Try Your Clothes on BEFORE You Order Them!

Online apparel store ModCloth is turning to its user data to solve one of the biggest problems with buying clothes online — ordering clothes that fit the first time.

Online shopping is great! No lines, hassle of other rude inconsiderate shoppers, and you can do it straight from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping retailers are a growing industry with more stores and brands pumping out their products through the web.

But, probably the biggest issue that online shopping has is the absence of a fitting room. Yes, we all know our size and know what we probably need, but that can still be a problem with todays fashion begin so different and having so many varieties. We all have ordered something that doesn’t fit, and that just presents more problems.

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Motion Technology To Your Mobile Device

Motion technology is a hot area right now, and it’s quickly changing. With the Xbox Kinect being the first to the table with wireless motion detection and then the new Samsung S4 having motion detecting abilities, everyone now wants in. Good news, a company has now developed a software that will bring motion detection to ANY device.

An Oslo, Norway-based startup, Elliptic Labs, has launched a software development kit and hardware proof-of-concept of a new way of controlling your smartphone or tablet — with simple touchless gestures. The company says it has major Asian smartphone manufacturers onboard for shipping products next year, is demoing the product at CEATEC in Tokyo today, and is already playing Fruit Ninja and Subway Surfer on an Android phone as if it was an Xbox Kinect game.


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Mobile Advertising Made Easy

You’re having a garage sale. Perhaps a neighborhood social. Or, you’re trying to drum up business for your local landscaping company. Why not buy a mobile ad?

That’s basically the vision behind new startup Adagogo launched by the original Google user experience designer and the man behind the second version of AdWords. The company makes buying a mobile ad basically as simple as posting to Facebook.


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Love Movies? Then you’ll love MUBI

MUBI is an app for classic and independent movie lovers: Each day, the MUBI team hand picks an international, independent or classic film. MUBI subscribers can then view that film for up to 30 days, and effectively, this means that you can watch 30 or so movies each month for US$4.99, or less per month if you sign up for six months or a year.

Streaming movies is becoming a fast growing market, Netflix is the leader of streaming and many other companies are heading that way. Mobile phones are already fully capable of streaming, now its time to flood the market.

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Evernote Gives Post-It Notes a 2nd Life

Evernote and 3M on Thursday announced a partnership to digitize the Post-it Note with a new feature on the Evernote app optimized to capture and save messages.

If you’re stuck on Post-its but would like a better way to organize them than making a colorful frame for your desktop monitor, Evernote has a solution. Just take a snapshot of your note and bingo, it’s sortable and searchable.

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Introducing Video Storytelling

A new project the firm has been working on is an iPhone video app called Spark Camera. While there are already tons of video apps out there — like Viddy, 8mm, and not to mention social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram that feature video — Ideo’s app is a bit different.

Developed to make video recordings more intuitive and fun, the app lets users edit together various scenes with music and filters. 

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Microsoft spruces up Outlook Android app

Microsoft has enhanced its app for Android users. Email clients are the new thing now as many mobile devices sync your email straight to your phone. Outlook and Gmail have been the default top email clients for some time now, both with great apps for your mobile device.

Now, Android has updates their main email client, Outlook, with updates that will make it easier to view, search, organize, and send emails straight from your phone.


The Beauty of Frax

On Wednesday, some computer graphics veterans released a new fractal exploration app called Frax for iOS devices. It brings a physical exploration style not just to panning and zooming, but to picking colors and textures, and it comes with a bunch of useful presets to get you started.

Fractals are mathematical sets in which large-scale features also appear at smaller and smaller scales. Computers are fast enough at calculating that they can turn fractal equations like the Mandelbrot set into works of fractal art.

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Themer App offers FULL Android Customization

Themes have long been popular for those who want to express themselves with a computing device that looks different. You can get themes to reskin Windows and your browser, for example. For some, the idea is silly and cosmetic, but for others, it’s a way to bring a personal touch to a slab of electronics.

Themer will give their users full ability to customize their Android phone. With the app, you can browse and rapidly install a wide variety of new looks for your phone. Express your enthusiasm for “Breaking Bad,” glance at a heads-up display from a sci-fi movie, pare back your gaudy jumble of apps into something more austere.


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Meet Ginger

Adobe is dabbling with iPad app to rival PowerPoint with its new Ginger app. The Ginger app for tablets is designed to make it easy for people to tell stories with animated presentations. It looks like a new Adobe effort to capitalize on the growing mobile market.

 The Ginger app is designed to help people quickly create persuasive videos. Obviously, Microsofts PowerPoint is the top dog in the game but there have been other competitors with Prezi, Google Docs, and Keynote, but Ginger is said to surpass all of those and go for the top. Its key is its difference from the others, Ginger, though, is geared for presentations that the audience watches on a screen, not presentations that are delivered by a person.
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The Hottest App Out…HotelTonight

HotelTonight connects travelers with last-minute deals on hotel rooms. Every day at noon local time, the app presents a selection of unsold rooms at steep discounts that travelers book through their smartphones. This approach is useful for travelers who need a place to stay, but also for hotels that want to fill up their empty inventory and reach an audience of travel-savvy consumers. And today, they released some more news for their audience.


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Introducing DRYFT: The New Way To Tablet Type

All these new technology gadgets are great, the features on them are amazing and how fast information can be obtained is even greater. But, probably the worst thing about this devices are type on them. Typing on the tablet can be almost as laborious as typing on the phone. Randy Marsden invented Swype to make smartphones easier for touch typists and is now looking to reinvent the tablet-typing experience with Dryft.

This can be great for the mobile technology market, it gives the ability to type faster and easier on these tablets. In my opinion, the laptop market is gettting pushed out by these type of advacements, because why have a laptop when you can type the same way on a laptop as you could on a tablet. They are shrinking the market to just tablets and it is only the beginning.

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Dell’s new tablet with Windows 8.1

Dell may be losing in the laptop and phone world, but they are trying a new avenue with their new 8-inch tablet that runs Windows 8.1 . They are looking to renovate a washed out name, Venue, that failed in the smartphone avenue. The Venue tabet by Dell however comes with a few punches though.

In a market where tablets seem to be taking over, Dell is trying to hit this market right and put the company in the converstation for the first time in a while. The first tablet that will run Windows 8.1, its different, clean, and fast with many great features.

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Boingo kicks off hot spot to simplify wireless connections

No WiFi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that’s everyone’s reaction when in a dead zone with no type of internet connection. That’s just one instance, everyone also hates the hassle of trying to figure out the password after dealing with trying to find the name of the stupid router. But the worst is after finding all such information, the internet connection still cannot connect. Sometimes, there is just nothing that you can do about it.

What if there was a wireless internet company that provided WiFi in the easiest form, no matter where you are. Let me introduce you to Boingo, a WiFi provider that aims to put internet hot spot EVERYWHERE. Boingo has gone live with a hot spot that aims to take the hassle out of connecting to wireless networks.  Read more of this amazing story……….  <——READ READ READ!!!!

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MyGlass app lets you control Google Glass via your phone

Google Glass has been the most talked about topic in technology for quit some time now. The possibilities are endless, and with this simple app, Google Glass may have became more convenient than ever.

Google Glass owners can now control the interface by swiping and tapping their way on an Android phone or tablet via the MyGlass app.Updated Thursday in the Google Play story, MyGlass offers an alternative to Google Glass owners who may not always want to nod their head or speak a command to control the device. The app takes advantage of sceenchat, which lets you and other people peek at what you’re seeing through your Glass display. You can then touch, swipe, and tap on your Android device to directly control Google Glass.

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