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Dell’s Venue 8 Tablet falls short

Heavier than the iPad, a battery with a lackluster life, dim screen, sensitive touchscreen, and a more to be desired camera.
It displays natural colors though, and has a good USB port.

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21.8% of Black Friday purchases were made on mobile devices

Over 20% of sales were made on mobile devices Friday, with iOS making up 18.1% of that traffic. Smartphones made more traffic than tablets, however, tablets had twice the number of sales.

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Gaming tablet from AMD speculation

AMDmight be joining the tablet market by launching the a gaming tablet codenamed Project Discovery. AMD, a well-known chipmaker, would be joining an already well developed field with many competitors. AMD’s gaming tablet would come equipped with a game controller and a docking station and with Windows 8.1. Right now, they are stating that they aren’t entering the tablet market at this time.

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Copycat app makers found in Google Play


Copycat malicious apps keep appearing under Google Play’s App Store. These copycats take a successful app, copy it, while adding malicious parts such as asking the user for more personal information or making them accept clauses that let the app post on their behalf.

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There are actually two operating systems in every phone

Any phone with mobile communications capability  has 2 operating systems. Aside from the operating system that we as end-users see (Android, iOS, PalmOS), it also runs a small operating system that manages everything related to radio.

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EU allowing passengers on flights use their 3G and 4G!

While Americans are happy because we can keep our Kindle’s out, the EU is now allowing passengers to use their 3G and 4G while flying. They just need to watch out for roaming charges.

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Georgia Tech employing new way of using wifi

Focus the Wi-Fi signal from the ceiling-mounted access point in a precise cone-shaped pattern, that’s the trick. Users now consistently get up to 144Mbps instead of crappy signal like before, and like we’re used to here at FSU.

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Kill Android’s crapware and avoid security holes

Security holes in pre-installed apps on Android can hurt your phone, so prepare yourself better by just getting rid of these useless apps. There’s software called NoBloat Free can that help with this.

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Loop; pay with your cards without them there

Loop is a new app that thinks they finally solved the already tried problem of virtually paying with credit cards. They invented a way that a credit card reader can read your phone touchlessly and calls it Magnetic Secure Transmission. They also think they have the security figured out a well with the dongle (the device that the user will swipe their card through to load it on their from) checking to see that the same loaded on the card matches the name loaded into the app.

Whether people will trust this, or if it’s really worth the extra ten second of diffing your card out of your wallet is yet to be seen.

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Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 7 not worth installing just yet

A user recently tried Ubuntu Touch OS on a Nexus 7 with better results than anticipated, but still not worth the trouble of a new operating system. Cons: Lag when loading apps (just opening the calculator took 7 seconds), horrible battery life, and screen spasms when trying to do to many things at once. Pros: Easy installation with no hiccups, easy, short tutorial on how to work it (given you’re familiar with Linux systems), and a “peppy” web browser with a sleek keyboard. Overall though, he argues it’s not ready for day to day use.

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Making underwater wireless communication possible

Radio waves tend to be unreachable through water so most ocean-based sensors use acoustic waves instead, which link sensors into underwater acoustic sensor networks (UWASN). A team designed a low-power IPv4/IPv6-compatible networking protocol that completely bypasses all the previous problems of underwater wireless communication. This is a huge deal because we’re slowly going to be able to have a wireless connection wherever we are soon.

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Android has too many customization options

While tinkerers love the Android OS because they can change it every week, Android is probably lacking behind iOS because generally people don’t like too many choices. It becomes too much, and they don’t know what they like. iOS has a system where the user learns it, Android has it learn from the user.

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HTC going to integrate fingerprint scanner for multiple fingers

Rumors of HTC One implementing fingerprint scanners have spread, though no one knows what the use will be for. Whether it will have the same issues as the iPhone scanner is yet to be seen, but it’s obvious it is trying to be it’s competition.

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Tablet made with OS-switching thanks to crowdfunding

A new tablet is being crowdfunded by PengPod that will be able to support Linux and Android. Developers would make all tools and source available so others can build their OS top to bottom NSA surveillance free. This can be a huge disruptive technology in letting people design tablets that fit perfectly to their needs and spread ideas and better growth in this industry.

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Loom as an alternative to iCloud

More space, and a solution for a better way to organize and share photos on Macs and iPhones. It’s also opening the door to all users who want it now, and developers who would like to work with it. There’s options for premium plans as well for more storage. It’s raising the bar for more competitive cloud services as well.

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Facebook check-ins for free wifi

Some businesses have teamed up with Facebook and Cisco to help improve their business ventures by pulling up their Facebook page when users want to use wifi. Users will allow the check in at the venue, and it will post on their timeline that they’re there. This apparently has helped businesses that tested it out in San Francisco a considerable amount. Smart users can hide it from their timeline, or if they have good eyes, skip it al together and just get in on the free wifi. This is actually a great idea to me at least because you don’t have to worry about guest passwords and it helps the business without being annoying. I can see this keeping brick and mortar venues relevant for a while.

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Demographers using cell phone data to gauge wealth

Recently in Africa, demographers have been able to figure out the wealthy countries and areas based on data from their call times, apps that allow them to transfer money, and texts. Most data line up correspondingly with already established wealthy areas having high calling traffic and texts, but some have revealed hidden data such as high money transfers in conflict areas which would make since with the criminal activity running rampant. This is such a unique way of gauging how areas are doing it can shed a new light on today’s society, especially because cell phones are common to almost every country now, it’s just looking at the data to see how well off the people are that are using them.

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More banks offer mobile deposit in Massachusetts

Most big banks across the US have gone ahead and allowed there apps to include directly depositing checks via mobile device, but now large city wide banks in Massachusetts are adopting this trend, and based on the numbers of people actually using it (100,000 checks per day) it’s worth the investment to add it on.

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People don’t want to wait more than 3 seconds for an app

Waiting for things to load is on the bottom of people’s to do list. VentureBeat posts an article from New Relic that shows the timings and inner workings of why apps are slow sometimes and the problems that arise from multiple users picking that exact time to want to use your app. You have to be ready and understand how to work around these issues.

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Blackberry preparing to cut 40% of employees

Due to Blackberry reportedly putting all their success in the new Blackberry 10 operating system and it not making the come back they were hoping for, the company is having to make cuts in all departments.

Not to be bias but it probably did not help that they decided to launch their larger Z30 the same day Apple updated their iOS system.

While they used to be a big player in the mobile industry, this shows that they are having a hard time keeping up with Apple and Google.

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App in Bermuda changing the headaches of city parking

A recently made app in Bermuda is testing out a way to pay for you meters through your phone instead of loose change. You have to register with them, set an account up, and then you can park anywhere with a meter. You can text, use an app, or call and it starts counting. A sticker is given to put on your car so you don’t get a citation. This has the potential to be a very popular app, especially for those who never have spare change on them.

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eGood making an easy way to donate when you buy

Instead of dumping your excess change into a little bin for a shady sounding fundraiser, eGood has made an app that makes it easy and non-invasive to donate to charities. When you buy from your favorite coffee shop for example, 5% of that will go to the coffee shop’s choice of cause. it’s still in beta version though and being tested with 25 businesses currently, but they hope to have individuals choose where their money goes, and businesses pick how big a percentage they can donate if it picks up traffic.

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Apps developed that help Lebanese navigate disaster

With war wreaking havoc from Syria into Lebanon, the residents would rather stay than leave and now there are apps to help citizens locate where the shootings/car bombs/fires are and escape routes. The Lebanese army have joined forces with Google to even send out an SOS text to warn people right when it breaks out as well.

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Fraudulent apps pretend to be part of the Income Tax Department

The Income Tax department in New Delhi are being vigilant against the rise of new apps that con people into giving their personal information away thinking they’ll get their tax return this way. Before it used to be a problem of warning people of fake emails, but the department says they’re hiring “anti-hacking agencies” to try and contain the problem as much as possible.