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Samsung Readying Flexible, Unbreakable Screens

“Samsung is gearing up to produce plastic flexible displays for mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reported. The screens are lightweight, nearly unbreakable, and could result in flexible devices down the road.”

via Technology News: Emerging Tech: Samsung Channels Gumby With Unbreakable, Bendy Phone Screen.

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IPhone Finally Coming to T-Mobile in 2013

“‘T-Mobile has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together next year. Additional details will be made available at a later date,’ T-Mobile spokesperson told ABC News.

T-Mobile wouldnt elaborate on the exact products to ABC News, but T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere said while speaking at the Deutsche Telekom conference Thursday that it will carry the iPhone and will offer it in a different way.”

via T-Mobile iPhone Coming in 2013 – ABC News.

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Google Talks With Dish Regarding Potential Wireless Service

“Google Inc. has held talks with satellite-TV provider Dish Network Corp. in recent weeks to partner on a new wireless service that would rival the networks of wireless carriers such as AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, according to people familiar with the discussions.”

via Google, Dish Held Talks to Launch Wireless Service –

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Samsung Jacks Up Apple Chip Price By 20 Percent

“Samsung has hiked the price of its mobile processors by 20 percent, but to only one of the Korean technology giants customers: Apple.The report comes from The Wall Street Journals MarketWatch, citing a person familiar with the negotiations between the two smartphone and tablet makers.According to the report, Samsung requested an increase in the price of the mobile application processor supplied to Apple, which the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant was forced to swallow as only Samsung provides the specific hardware required to make the shiny rectangles of various sizes to work properly. ”

via Samsung hikes Apple chip prices by 20 percent: report | ZDNet.

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T-Mobile Lose Customers to iPhone 5

“Apple’s popular iPhone 5 is causing waves for at least one major U.S. carrier. Reports say T-Mobile has lost over 49,000 customers to wireless providers who offer the iPhone 5. An article at Mobile Burn says T-Mobile released their earnings for the third quarter, which shows the company ‘lost thousands more customers because of its inability to offer the Apple iPhone 5 on contract.'”

via iPhone 5 news: T-Mobile loses 49k customers to Apple iPhone 5 – National Tech Research |

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Instagram Flooded with 250,000 Election Day Photos

“People from around the country headed to the polls to vote in Tuesdays presidential election, and then hundreds of thousands took to Instagram to document their civic activities.Instagram users in the U.S. on Tuesday tagged more than 100,000 photos with #iVoted, and about 150,000 with #election2012, Instagram said in a blog post Wednesday. The photos really started rolling in once news outlets projected that Barack Obama had won a second term as president of the United States. After the election was called, the number of Instagram photos uploaded each second was at 2.1 times the normal rate.”

via Instagram Users Post 250,000 Election Day Photos | News & Opinion |

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Apple iPad Finally Unveiled

“At long last, it’s the iPad mini. Unveiled today at a special event in San Jose, the slightly more portable iPad most certainly looks like its 9.7-inch elder, but it’s equipped with the same Lightning port that was ushered in on the iPhone 5 and is entirely more eager to slip inside some of the world’s largest cargo shorts. If you’ll recall, rumors of this thing actually hit a fever pitch back in 2010, with the stateside Apple v. Samsung patent trial revealing that SVP Eddy Cue was longing for a more book-friendly iPad in 2011. Naturally, Apple’s pushing the smaller form factor as a boon for those who adore ingesting text on digital screens, further advancing its iBook and education initiative that took center stage at its January keynote in New York City.”

via Apple iPad mini hands-on! — Engadget.

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Apple’s Eliminates Manufacturing Deal with Samsung

It wouldn’t be long before the ongoing rivalry between Samsung and Apple would sever the ties these two companies had through manufacturing. While talks that the manufacturing deal would be split after their heated court battle, well “According to The Korean Times, this split is now definitely happening.”


Apple’s Severing All Manufacturing Ties With Samsung, It’s Now Hate All The Way Down | Cult of Mac.

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Softbank acquires 70 percent stake of Sprint

“In a joint press conference, Softbank has officially announced that it is buying a 70 percent stake in US mobile carrier Sprint for $20.1 billion. The Japanese company is paying $12.1 billion for existing shares, with a further $8 billion for new shares that the network is issuing.”

via Softbank confirms 70 percent Sprint acquisition for $20.1 billion — Engadget.

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Sprint Has Second Thoughts in the Midst of T-Mobile, MetroPCS Merger

“T-Mobile and MetroPCS have stated their commitment to a merger, but with the union far from finalized, Sprint is reconsidering whether it was right to walk away from a nearly finalized deal with MetroPCS in February. According to Bloomberg, Sprints board plans to meet Friday, Oct. 5, to discuss whether it should present MetroPCS with a counteroffer to T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom DT.”

via T-Mobile, MetroPCS Deal Leaves Sprint Scrambling.

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UK Early Investors of 5G Technology

“The UK is almost ready to flip the switch on its first LTE network, but its determined to be at the forefront of the next-generation, setting up a ‘5G Innovation Centre’ at the University of Surrey. The government announced its putting up £11.6 million around $18.6 million in funding, but another £24 million around $38.5 million will be coming from an industry group comprising the likes of Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica, Rohde & Schwarz, Fujitsu and others. The money will allow research to go beyond concept and theory, with the aim that all partners work together to develop and standardize 5G technology..”

via UK government and industry heavyweights set up 5G Innovation Centre, want to go one better — Engadget.

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Motorola Gains Stride Over Microsoft in Patent War Saga

“Mobile phone maker Motorola achieved a rare victory against software giant Microsoft in a patent case before a German court on Friday, the latest in a wave of patent lawsuits by technology firms fighting over market share.

The regional court in Mannheim ruled that Motorola Mobility, part of Google, did not infringe a Microsoft patent which enables applications to work on different handsets.

This allows application developers to avoid writing separate codes for each handset saving time and development costs.”

via Google’s Motorola beats Microsoft in patent case « Mobile « Business Technology News.

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AT&T Launches New Prepaid Plan

“Beginning Oct. 7, AT&T* GoPhone® smartphone customers will have a new rate plan option. The new Monthly Unlimited Plan with Data offers unlimited talk and text, with 1 GB of data for $65 per month. Unlimited text messaging to Mexico, Canada and over 100 other countries is also included.”

MobileTechNews – AT&T Launches New, Affordable Prepaid Smartphone Rate Plan.

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Great IPhone 5 Sales Create App Store Boom

“The iPhone 5 has been a massive success for Apple. It’s only been out a week, but it’s already the fastest-selling iPhone in history, racking up 5 million units sold during its first three days of availability. But this isn’t just having a positive affect on Apple’s revenue; it’s also big business for iOS developers, who are seeing massive boosts to their download figures.”

via iPhone 5 Popularity Causing An App Store Boom [Report] | Cult of Mac.

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FCC Innovates Mobile Health Technology

“The Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius Genachowski, says his agency will create the position of Health Care Director, who will function as the central contact for external groups on all health-related issues. The move is one of several steps designed to pave the way to making mobile health technology an integral part of medical care within five years. Genachowski outlined the FCCs plans this week at a press event held at the Washington D.C. headquarters of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, where a report by the mHealth Task Force was unveiled. The report includes a list of recommendations calling on government, academia, and industry to expand their collaboration and adopt policies aimed at enabling and proliferating mobile health technologies.”

via FCC Unleashes Mobile Health Innovation Initiatives – Healthcare –.

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T-Mobile Ready For Iphone Launch

“T-Mobile is now ready to start marketing its HSPA+ service to unlocked iPhone owners in one city, though T-Mobile’s CTO said more will quickly follow. Previously iPhone users could connect to T-Mobile at mere 2G speeds. Now they have a 42 Mbps network at their disposal.”

T-Mobile’s Las Vegas network is officially iPhone ready — Mobile Technology News.

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Apple’s Boarding Pass System Already Supported by Five Airlines

United Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta, American Airlines, and Virgin Australia, have all jumped in on support for Apple’s iOS 6 application called Passbook. Amtrak will also be another mode of transportation the will support Passbook.  a Mobile boarding pass system has been in discussion around the net dating as far back as 2010, and was even said to be “God’s gift to modern air travel.” This is what Passbook has to offer, and it will be interesting to see how the app is integrated with these airlines in the upcoming months.


Five Airlines Already Supporting Mobile Boarding Passes on Apple’s iOS 6 Passbook || Jaunted.

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Apple new Lightening connector coming to HDM and VGA

According to The Verge, Cupertino has plans to release Lightning to HDMI and VGA cables “in the coming months,” giving early adopters something to pine for on day one. No word on pricing or specific availability.. “


Lightning to HDMI and VGA cables incoming, says Apple — Engadget.

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New Iphone to Have LTE Network, Says WSJ

It look as though Apple money making phone will join the  secrete society of devices supporting LTE connectivity. With reports that  Apple’s new IPhone will be unveiled as early as next week, talk of LTE network support is moving rapidly across new sources such as Wall Street Journal, and Times Magazine. “According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s next iPhone, presumed to be called the iPhone 5, will indeed feature 4G LTE connectivity, something that has been rumored for quite some time.” This would be the first iPhone device with such feature. Pricing and actual release is still unknown and will likely be announce on the 12th of September.


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Droid vs. Droid: Top Selling Androids to Date

“Which -based smartphones are ruling the market?  According to new data from online ad network Chitika, the Motorola  is by far the most popular handset, and Sprint’s newly released HTC  has made enough of a splash to catch the Google-branded  One.”