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Wickr Wants to Lure Folks Away from Snapchat with Android App

As we have seen in recent years, sending photos to friends and family through mobile apps such as Snapchat has gained quite a bit of popularity. This article focuses on an app called Wickr that allows users to share text, multiple pictures, short videos, and voice messages to each other that “self-destruct” after a set time up to five days. Wickr released its iOS version of the application in 2012 and today they released the Android version of the application for public use. The one thing this application focuses on is security for its users. It does this through end-to-end encryption which means the message sent between users is never sent to a server. Wickr does not see or store any information regarding the messages sent between users to avoid legal issues. With self-destructing messages that are promised to be completed encrypted, Wickr could be the next big thing when it comes to sharing sensitive information with other people through a mobile application. Not that highly sensitive information should be sent through an application in the first place, but if it must, then Wickr is the application to use.

Source: Wickr wants to lure folks away from Snapchat with Android app