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iOS 7 hits 74 percent adoption rate

There were mixed feelings about Apple’s iOS 7 upon its release on September 18, 2013. Apple has released official data showing that indicates a 74 percent adoption rate for iOS 7. That’s 3 out of every 4 Apple devices. The following article from iDownloadBlog states

“The 74 percent iOS 7 adoption rate is a huge share no matter how you look at it, especially versus the 22 percent seen by iOS 6. The company put the older iOS versions at just four percent.

By comparison, Android 4.4 KitKat is currently installed on a meager 1.1 percent of Android devices.”

Find out more in the full article below.

Official: iOS 7 hits 74 percent adoption rate

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Apple stock closes at 2013 high

Apple always draws in lots of attention from consumers near the holiday season but they perhaps get even more attention from their investors. Investors have been watching Apple stock raise steadily over the month of November and many analysts were looking for a large jump in stock on the 2013 Black Friday shopping day. The is the day that Apple offers sales on many of their products when is never seen any other time of the year unless you are a student. Apple is projecting Q4 revenues of $55 billion and that has certainly caught the investors attention. Many were worried today when Apple released their Black Friday deals. There were not any sales though, only gift cards to be offered with certain purchases. That triggered speculation of investors because it may deter people from buying product but despite uncertainty stock closed today at 1.86 percent higher pushing the price up to $556.07, the highest price this year. This price is still short of November 29th, 2012 when it was $589.36. Read more…

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Apple iPhone 6 to introduce larger screens

Next year will bring the release of the iPhone 6, a completely redesigned phone that is reported to feature a 5 inch 1080p display. In addition to the iPhone, it is reported that Apple with also introduce a phone to compete with the Galaxy Note. That display is said to be somewhere in the range of 5.5 to 6 inches. After the iPhone 5s release many consumers were disappointed that the phone did not feature a large screen than the earlier 5. Apple has been slow to introduce new technologies over the years because of their strict approach to user experience and large screens have a large affect on user experience in good and bad ways. The market is moving toward larger devices and it appears that Apple is now moving into that territory. Read More…

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Apple files for 5 new patents related to Liquidmetal, 3D printing

Apple has filed for 5 new patents regarding Liquidmetal Technologies that would likely be used to build their next generation products. This article on idownloadblog states that Liquidmetal alloys actually prove to be a stronger and harder substance based on its molecular structure compared to traditional alloys. The fact that 3D printing would be used opens a lot of possibilities in construction of such devices. “Apple suggests that this is quicker and less expensive than traditional machining.”

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Apple Store Application Released for iPad

Apple has released an Apple Store application for the iPad. It allows users to compare Apple products with gestures such as swiping or pinching, and then purchase them through the application. It also has a nearby store locator and a “Now Trending” feature which allows users to see popular items.
Click here for more information.

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Apple developing curved iPhone screens

It’s been reported that Apple is now jumping on the curved phone screen trend that Samsung recently started a few weeks ago. They are developing curved iPhone screens, and enhanced sensors. There are reportedly 2 new models planned for the second half of next year that will contain these features.

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Possible new iPhones

Apple tries to catch up with samsung in the big screen market with extra features. It’s possible apple can be creating two new iPhones with larger screens and that are more sensitive to touch. To be more accurate, more sensitive to the of a stylus. This could make it easier for users to draw and write with ease. However, apple is late to the game with these already existing features on the samsung galaxy note. Although this is already known, it’s also possible that apple may create a curved phone screen, such as the samsung galaxy round. As of right now no sure decicions have been released. Only the future hold what apple will release next.


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Windows in Italy

Microsoft’s Windows phones have surpassed Apple’s iOs in Italy. The windows phone is more popular in Italy and parts of Europe. The top purchased Microsoft phone is the Nokia brand. Microsoft accounts for over ten percent of the phone market in Italy. Although Microsoft is doing well in Italy, it still has not passed the success of Android in the country.


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Protecting Your Smartphone from Thieves

With smartphone thefts being so prevalent in recent times, companies such as Apple and Samsung are taking the initiative to introduce security features that will hopefully deter thieves from stealing them. Apple has introduced a feature called Activation Lock that ties a user’s iPhone to their Apple ID preventing thieves from wiping the phone clean before trying to sell them. By preventing thieves from wiping the phones clean, the smartphones are deemed virtually worthless since no one will be able to erase information previously stored in the iPhone without the Apple ID and password tied to the phone. Samsung is taking similar measures and introducing security features as well in an effort to try and get rid of smartphone theft. To read more about this topic, check out the attached article below.

Source: Protecting your smartphone from thieves

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Apple seeking to use sapphire screens

Apple has prepaid for $578 million dollars of sapphire growth equipment for GT Advanced Technologies to use in their Arizona facilities. The new facilities that will be establish due to Apples funding will have the capacity to grow and produce 30 plus million 5 inch iPhone screen covers. Whether or not they sapphire will be used for screens is unknown. It is more likely that the sapphire production will be used on iPhone and iPad camera lenses and touchID sensors. If production were geared toward replacing the current Corning Gorilla glass screens the Corning company might have to worry because that would result in a huge loss of prodcution since 190 million iPhones are projected to be shipped in 2014. Read More…

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Blackberry Won’t Break Up Company

After being on the table for more than three months, unnamed sources say that the companies Board of Directors will not accept any deals that would split the company up. These sources say that the Board of Directors for Blackberry does not see a break up as being in the best interest for stakeholders of the company. It is true that a division and sell off of parts of the company would affect shareholders, employees and other investors, the extent of a break would affect each differently. Microsoft and Apple expressed interest in buying up patents while other technology companies such as Lenovo expressed interesting in buying up more significant portions of the company. For the time being, it appears that Blackberry has given up its plan to sell and has instead appointed a new interim chief executive. Read More…

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Apple Will Start Repairing Devices In-House

Apple appears to be expanding their new in-store repair programs. While Apple has previously performed some repairs in their stores, the new program will expand to a large variety of components. Apple has started shipping parts, manuals, and callibration machines to stores in preparation for the program’s launch. This new repair program will be good for consumers as it allows them to easily have phones repaired by Apple technicians and will build customer satisfaction. The large cottage industry of shops that repair Apple devices may be affected, as Apple may threaten these shops, but may not have any affect at all, due to the limited number of Apple Stores in the U.S. Additionally, these shops can offer services that Apple may not, such as repairing water damage.

<Source: >

This is interesting to nte because this marks the first time Apple has truly dove into the in store repair services. What remains to be seen is if this new found focus on repairing devices will spill over onto Apple’s designs. Apple devices are a very difficult to repair and work on, and if there’s a large amount of consumers repairing devices, they may design devices to become more repairable. The other interesting idea would be to see how this influences consumers. Will consumers simply keep repairing a device and keep it longer then they traditionally would, or will they continue replacing with new devices every few years? It will be interesting to see how this possibly effects consumer behaviors.

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More than a watch: Apple’s entry into wearable tech


More than a watch: Apple’s entry into wearable tech

Most current smartwatches rely on smartphone pairing over Bluetooth to get data and notifications. A long-rumored 'iWatch' from Apple could take the same approach as these rivals, or put more computing power directly into the device. Most current smartwatches rely on smartphone pairing over Bluetooth to get data and notifications. A long-rumored ‘iWatch’ from Apple could take the same approach as these rivals, or put more computing power directly into the device.

Apple’s rumored ‘iWatch’

(CNN) — In the last week, the Apple iWatch has made the jump from unlikely rumor to a real product that’s probably in development, thanks to well-placed leaks that have been showing up in various publications.

The latest is a report from Bloomberg that says Apple already has a team of 100 employees working on a wearable device.

The clues, and resulting flurry of speculation, are planting the seeds of an Apple watch in consumers’ minds. The general public has not been crying out for a better watch. Apple dream-product rumors have mostly focused on an elusive Apple TV over the past year.

But Apple prides itself on knowing what the people want before they do, and an Apple watch would be way more than just a fancy timepiece.

It’s not about the watch form factor, but creating a wearable mobile device that takes advantage of advances in mobile computing technology such as cheap sensors, better battery life and improved voice recognition. An Apple watch could work with an ecosystem of third-party wearable sensors and products that tie into one powerful, small hub.

If executed correctly, an Apple watch could spawn a lucrative industry of compatible products, like it did with the iOS App Store and mobile applications.

“It’s unlimited, the number of wearable things you can tap into,” said Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, who imagines small companies making inexpensive products like belts with sensors that alert the watch when you’ve eaten too much.

Apple is not entering virgin territory. There are already a handful of slick smart watches available, but most act as accessories, connecting to the more powerful Android and iOS smartphones and tablets over Bluetooth.

For example, the new Pebble smart watch passes on alerts from a smartphone, so when you receive a text, e-mail, or Facebook notification it is pushed to the watch, which vibrates.

Wearable technology is also booming, thanks to cheap sensors that can be used to track things like movement and heart rates. The number of wearable fitness products has been growing at a fast pace, but an Apple offering would shake up the industry completely.

“We’re finally getting some players involved, and Apple’s the real one, that can add some value to some of this wearable technology,” said Munster.

Apple isn’t alone in seeing the potential for this type of technology. Google is working on its own wearable platform, Google Glasses. The two will face off when they are finally available, each sporting its own unique take on what kind of user interface people will use (voice control and a small touchscreen or augmented reality). And they will, of course, have their own ecosystems of accessories and apps.

Traditional watches have dropped in popularity in recent years. Smartphones prominently display the time and are already in our back pockets, so it can seem redundant to also strap a small clock to our wrists. But when you start packing more power, sensors and connection options like Bluetooth into a watch, it ceases to be a watch and becomes a small wearable computer.

An Apple watch could leap frog the current crop of smart watches by creating a platform, not another accessory. According to Munster, the three tasks people use their smartphones for are, in order, texting, Internet and phone calls. Two out of three of those tasks would be a natural fit for a small device, while the need to surf and play games would ensure the smartphone doesn’t become obsolete.

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Google Play overtaking Apple App Store

App downloads from Google Play are over taking downloads from the App Store by 25% a margin that is quite large when considering the amount of apps downloaded on Apples App Store each day, roughly 45M. Not only is Apple being beat in the number of apps downloaded but they are also beginning to lose their margin in app revenue compared to Google Play. The reason for Apple lacks of maintained prominence is international markets. Googles Android platform is the leading operating system in countries such as Brazil, Russia and India where iOS has less of a hold on the market.

Read More…

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Judgment day for Android: Apple, Microsoft file lawsuit

Microsoft, Apple, Sony, BlackBerry, and other companies filed lawsuits against Android manufacturers Samsung, HTC, LG.  The lawsuits target Google also, saying its core money-maker, Adwords, violates a 1998 patent. United States Patent No. 6,098,065, “matching search terms with relevant advertising.”  To read more about which patents are being infringed click here.


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Mobile Ads Fuel a Jump in Profit at Facebook

Facebook, which operates the largest online social network, reported Wednesday that its profits doubled in the third quarter, to $621 million, after excluding expenses related to stock options. The company’s revenue rose 60 percent, to $2.02 billion, compared with last year’s third quarter. Most of that, about $1.8 billion, came from advertising. Perhaps most important for Facebook’s future as an advertising-driven company in a world of iPads and Android smartphones, the company noted that mobile ads accounted for 49 percent of its advertising revenue, up from 41 percent in the second quarter. Facebook said prices for mobile ads remained high, and users were clicking on them in their news feeds more frequently.

Read more here:

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Apmato Makes it Possible For Anyone To Easily Develop an App!

This application gives anyone the ability to build an app without any knowledge of coding. Even after the app is published, Apmato gives its users the chance to update the app at anytime. This ability for anyone to build an app gives people the chance to build apps for a much lower price.

Read more about it here!

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Apple releases the iPhone 5s & 5c in 35 new markets

A little over a month since the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c in Apples major markets like the US, UK, Canada and China Apple is releasing the devices in 35 new markets. A majority of the 35 countries are in Europe but the expansion will include Russia, Thailand and South Korea to name a few. Apple hopes to get the device to more than 50 markets by the end of the year, making the iPhone 5s and 5c available in more than 300 countries. The iPhone 5 was only available in 240. With the release of the Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini this would be a huge step as both of those are set to launch in 42 countries right from the start. Read More…

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Apple fixes a slew of errors in 7.0.3

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 7.0.3, a much needed update to fix a few bugs that had been plaguing the mobile operating system since its release a month ago. Many of the more than 200 million users of i0S 7 experienced issues with their iMessage failing to send messages. Apple’s release notes seem to indicate that this was due to a bug that prevented iMessage from properly activating. Another important fix with the minor update was the accelerometer calibration issues for the new iPhone 5s and 5c. Many users noted that the compass and new level applications available in iOS 7 were significantly off on the new 5s and 5c devices compared to the older iPhone 5. Apple also fixed a bug that allowed users to by pass the lockscreen after a doing a series of specific tasks and they enhanced the option to reduce the motion effects for the fair number of users that experience sickness due to the graphics. In addition to all the fixes Apple added some new functionalities including iCloud Keychain and Password Generator. These have been a part of iOS 7 but they are now fully integrated due to the release of OSX Mavericks. Read More…


iPad Air Officially Announced

Apple has announced the iPad Air as the newest generation of the iPad. It should have the same screen size as previous iterations, but will be thinner and lighter. According to Apple, it is the same processor as the iPhone 5s, so it should be about 8x faster than the old iPad. There will be a marked graphics improvement, they will be approximately 72x better. This is the most recent iPad update since 2011. Overall, the machine seems to be nothing more than an update to the iPad.

Click here for more information.

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Apple is expected to reveal a fifth-generation iPad and a new iPad Mini next Tuesday.

The iPad…Dead or Alive?

Rumor has it, Apple is expect to reveal the next generation iPad/iPad Mini on Tuesday. Will this be a slight upgrade like the iPhone 5c/5s?
Will a finger print scanner be implemented in this system? Who knows… Rumors surfacing on the Internet yield slim chances of any major advances in this mobile technology that seems to be on a downward trend. Check out the full story from CNN below…

IPad sales are slumping, and Apple’s share of the tablet market is in a tailspin.

Apple (AAPLFortune 500) is hoping to reverse the trend on Tuesday. The company is expected to reveal its first revamped iPad in a year during an event in San Francisco.

But don’t expect Apple to produce a radically new device in an effort to turn the tide — the new iPad will likely be a marginal upgrade from the current version. Apple is expected to unveil a slightly thinner and faster iPad with a fingerprint sensor.

“What are they supposed to do, add wings and make it fly?” asked Colin Gillis, senior tech analyst at BCG Financial. “It’s a tablet. There’s only so much you can upgrade.”

During Apple’s fiscal third quarter, which ended in June, iPad sales fell to $6.3 billion — a 27% drop over last year. But this year, Apple didn’t get a boost from a new version of the tablet. The company released a new iPad in March 2012, while the fourth-generation iPad came out in November. Even though last quarter’s iPad sales were weak, tablet revenue jumped 40% and 22% in the prior two quarters.

More striking is the fact that Apple no longer dominates in tablets. Apple’s global tablet market share currently stands at 32%, down from 60% a year ago, according to IDC.

That’s because rivals are taking advantage of Apple’s lack of major updates: The tablet market share controlled by Samsung, Acer and Lenovo tripled last quarter from the previous year. That kind of wild changing of the guards is common for markets that are in their infancy — but it still isn’t particularly good news for Apple.

Although the iPhone gets the lion’s share of Apple hype, the iPad is still extremely important to the company’s overall business.

“The iPad is the company’s second-largest revenue stream, so you definitely can’t discount it,” said Gillis.

Related story: Verizon: Apple has an iPhone supply problem

And there is still a strong growth opportunity for the iPad, via the smaller iPad mini.

Apple stores to get a shot of high-style 

Apple is also expected to update the iPad mini on Tuesday, giving it a much more robust upgrade. Most notably, the mini tablet is expected to get a Retina display, significantly upgrading the resolution of its screen.

The “mini” category of tablets that includes the iPad Mini, Amazon (AMZNFortune 500) Kindle Fire and Google (GOOGFortune 500) Nexus 7 is primed for skyrocketing growth, analysts believe.

“The seven-inch is absolutely dominant right now, and we expect it to stay that way for some time,” said IHS iSuppli tablet market analyst Rhoda Alexander.

Tablets with screens smaller than eight inches accounted for only about a quarter of the tablet market in 2011, according to IHS, but the consultancy predicts the category will take a majority 55% share this year and grow to 57% by 2017.

Meanwhile, medium-sized tablets like the iPad are expected to fall to a 37% share in 2017.

“Apple caught a lot of heat for launching the iPad Mini, with critics saying the low end isn’t where the competition is,” Alexander said. “But they’ve overcome the naysayers pretty quickly.” To top of page


First Published: October 18, 2013: 3:46 AM ET




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iPad owns 91 percent of tablet ad impressions

Apple and Android have had a fierce competition in the mobile industry and one way to tell which is ahead may be where advertisers are spending their money. This idownloadblog article explains new numbers show that Apple’s iOS is vastly surpassing Google and its iPad is leading the way. It states specifically that the iPad was the target of 91% of mobile ad impressions. In addition, the article explains that Apple’s iPhone actually brings in more ad revenue than competing Android handsets.

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iOS 7’s software utilizes Multi-path TCP

There are numerous features packed into iOS 7 and most people assume them all to be listed by Apple in the release notes but one feature, Multi-path TCP, has made its way into iOS 7 without notation. Multi-path TCP enables a 3-way communication connection for mobile device users to be connected to wi-fi and cellular at the same time which is important because it allows data to be sent over the strongest available connection without the user having to choose the connection type. For instance, if your wi-fi drops during a data transmission on your mobile handset you would have to switch to cellular and resend the data request but multi-path TCP allows the connection to be maintained by automatically altering the transmission to the better network connection. Or if one of the connections hits slow down, multi-path TCP enables the device to automatically use the fastest available network. Multi-path TCP will be huge to the mobile device industry because it allows users to be connected to Wi-Fi and Cellular networks simultaneously. Apple’s release of iOS 7 marked to first mass ability of users to utilize multi-path technology but to an extent, it appears that not all apps can make use of this capability yet, only Siri seems to take advantage of this ability.

Sources: Quartz & Oliver Bonaventure

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Best Buy iPhone 5c price cut: $50 discount

From now until October 7th, Best Buy will give you a $50 gift card when purchasing an iphone 5c.  Best Buy has been known to offer iphone deals in the past, but not after only 1 month of being released.  Chinese retailers have already started lowering 5c prices in order to sell them.  It is possible that Apple didn’t price the 5c aggressively enough.

Best Buy iPhone 5c price cut: $50 discount | BGR.

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6 Known Issues With the iPhone 5s and iOS 7

With every new technology comes new bugs to work out.  Apple has just released new hardware and software, both of which have bugs that are being found. For instance some 5s units are having calibration problems with their gyroscopes and accelerometers. Some users are reporting that they are unable to send messages through imessage, a problem that can be fixed by turning imessage off.  To read about more issues click here.


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Apple Gets Into the 3D Sensor Game

From Kinect technology to robotic navigation, Apple has a few surprises to come in the near future.

Apple Gets Into the 3D Sensor Game

ManageEngine OpManager, a powerful NMS for monitoring your network, physical & virtual (VMware/ HyperV) servers, apps & other IT devices. Deploy and start monitoring in less than an hour. Trusted by over a million admins worldwide.Try it for free

Apple may have a new tool in its armory, reportedly having acquired PrimeSense, which makes chips for three-dimensional machine vision and gesture-based technology.

Apple is said to have paid US$345 million for the company. News of the sale first emerged in the Calcalist financial newspaper in Israel, where PrimeSense is based.

Reports vary as to whether the deal is done or will close by the end of this week.

PrimeSense has raised $85 million in venture capital from funds including Canaan Partners Global, Gemini Israel, and Genesis Partners, according to Calcalist. Applewas interested in buying PrimeSense earlier this year, according to rumors that surfaced in July.

Kinect Tech

PrimeSense is perhaps best known as the company behind the technology that enabled Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect. The sensing technology allows the game console to view a scene in three dimensions, so players can control a game using their body and physical movements.

“The clear thing [Apple is] moving to is a more gesture-based interface.” Rob enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told MacNewsWorld. “They want to make sure they’ve got some of the IP locked up so they can do this before Samsung or somebody else locks them out.”

Robot Navigation

PrimeSense’s technology is also used in iRobot’s mobile robotics platform, Ava. The system is aimed at accelerating patient treatment in hospitals and healthcare facilities. It uses PrimeSense sensors for navigation, and to view the larger environment so it can detect and interact with people.

“There are three key areas of innovation in mobile devices — that is, user interfaces, form factor, and smart applications using sensors to break down the digital divide,” said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

“Acquiring PrimeSense speaks to both the UIs and the potential around sensors — but even beyond mobile, using sensors is also a critical part of enabling the Internet of Things/Internet of Everything,” he told MacNewsWorld. “So, sensor technology is likely to be critical not only to the devices Apple makes today, but almost any other solutions they are considering for the future.”

Apple likely is buying PrimeSense to bolster the smart TV it’s rumored to be working on, according to the Calcalist report, which noted that PrimeSense has been probing TV integration for its technology as far back as January 2011.

Yet both PrimeSense and a third-party company have recently pushed into the market for mobile 3D scanning devices, offering another hint as to what else Apple might do with the technology should a deal go through.

3D Scanning

An iPad peripheral called the “Structure Sensor” aims to capture objects and spacesin three dimensions for uses such as computer-aided design and 3D printing. The device uses the same PrimeSense sensor protocols as in the Kinect. The company behind the Structure Sensor KickStarter project hoped to raise $100,000, but actually received almost $1.3 million.

Earlier this month, PrimeSense teamed up with 3D Systems to create the Sense 3D scanner, which is billed as the first such scanner with sub-millimeter accuracy that’s targeted toward consumers.

“If you can enable the device to sense information about the user and the environment, you can not only improve the user experience, but enable entirely new usage models,” Tirias Research’s McGregor suggested.

“What if my device could tell me about or even warn me about my surroundings when I’m not even looking?” he wondered.

“The 3D imaging potential is really cool,” McGregor continued. “Several companies are working on the ability to create 3D models of objects and the environment with just a quick and simple scan using a smartphone. Imagine if you could quickly scan an object and then print it out on a 3D printer in any size that you wish. The applications are almost unlimited.” 

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Qualcomm Gambit: Apple 64-bit A7 is a ‘gimmick’

A top exec takes a risk by dismissing the new 64-bit A7 too quickly. The chip supplier will likely have a different message if it brings out its own 64-bit design – CNET.

A Qualcomm executive dissed Apple’s new 64-bit chip architecture, putting the San Diego company in a tough spot if it decides at some point to move to a 64-bit Snapdragon design. Here’s what Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Qualcomm, said to the IDG News Service “I know there’s a lot of noise because Apple did [64-bit] on their A7. I think they are doing a marketing gimmick. There’s zero benefit a consumer gets from that.” He went on to repeat a well-known fact that a 64-bit architecture is necessary for addressing memory beyond 4GB but that most smartphones, like Apple’s iPhone 5S, only have 1GB or 2GB of memory. ARM, the company behind the chip designs from Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, and Nvidia, believes that there will be a need for 64-bit ARM chips in future smartphones and tablets.

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iOS 7 reaches 60% adoption rate

A week after its initial launch iOS 7 had made its way onto more than 60% of iPhones according to data collected by Mixpanel. iOS 7’s adoption rate is greater than that of any prior iOS release. This could be a strong indicator that a majority of people desired changed for their iPhones since they have been interacting with the same style interface on their iDevices for years now. Currently, the percentage has grown to nearly 65%. Despite the significant adoption rate it would be interesting to see how many of the users that update would want to downgrade back to a previous iOS and whether it would be based solely on the UI appearance of iOS 7.

See the stats here.

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Apple fixes iPhone lock screen security bug in iOS 7.0.2 update

Shortly after it’s release, a bug was discovered inside Apple’s brand new iOS 7 operating system, which made it relatively easy to access the photo gallery, some emails, and social networking accounts on a locked iPhone. This article talks about how iOS 7.0.2 update fixes this problem.


Apple fixes iPhone lock screen security bug in iOS 7.0.2 update


iPhone 5s Sales Analysis

Apple announced that they sold 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c devices during the debut weekend. But whats really interesting is that an analytics firm analyzed data from 20 million iPhone’s from September 20th to the 26th. The ratio of 5s devices versus 5c devices was 3.4 to 1. For more graphs about iPhones, click the link below

iPhone 5s Sales Analysis: iPhone 5s outselling 5c by a huge margin 

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China Mobile Poster Of iPhone 5c And 5s On Chinese Language Website

This is another indication, along with ChinaMobile’s Chairman hinting in August that progress was being made, that Apple and China Mobile either have or are very close to partnering.  China Mobile’s network has not been robust enough for the two companies to offer the iPhone but with 200,000 TD-LTE base stations installed by the end of this year, that could support 4 million active users, it should have enough bandwidth to support iPhones. China Mobile’s subscriber base hit 750 million in August with 159 million on 3G technology. This is big news for Apple because they will be gaining 4 million users.


Read the entire article here:

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Hackers Successfully Trick iPhone 5s Fingerprint Scanner

With the introduction of the iPhone 5s came a new security measure never before seen on smartphones. Apple introduced a special fingerprint sensor that replaces the passcode as a “more secure” way of accessing your device. As we have seen in the past, nothing is perfect, and the new fingerprint scanner is no exception. Before yesterday, no one was able to bypass the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s to fully unlock a device without the actual fingerprint used to protect it. The “biometrics hacking team” of the Chaos Computer Club found a way to get around the security measure by making a model of someone’s fingerprint using a high resolution camera, a computer, and latex. This article explains that the process involves much more than the average thief would most likely want to do to access a stolen iPhone, but nonetheless, iPhone 5s users will have to be more careful with their devices than they previously thought. This goes to show that even the latest mobile security technology still has its flaws and users must remain cautious when it comes to sensitive data on their phones and people attempting to steal it.

Source: Hackers successfully trick iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner with fake finger

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Demand for Gold iPhone 5s greater than expected

The launch of Apple’s new ‘gold’ iPhone 5s color has drawn considerable demand for todays release. The gold version of the phone was the first to sell out on the Apple website according to the fact that it was the first color to require a 7-10 waiting period after the initial batch sold out. Apparently Apple’s unexpected and seemingly improbable move to make a gold color iPhone has had enough to entice consumers from many countries into buying this new eye candy iPhone 5s. Read More…

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Apple’s iOS 7 Scraps the Familiar iOS Look iPhones Grew Up With

With the release of Apple’s new iOS 7 for compatible devices, they have made one of the biggest changes to both how it looks and feels since its first release. Gone are the textures and familiar skeuomorphisms, replaced with simpler, flatter designs. Not being much of an iOS user except for my iPod Touch, I still find myself strangely saddened to see the character of the OS that I’ve enjoyed the past few years die off so suddenly, with so drastic a change. With the update, most things still function the same way, but everything looks different. There are instances where the visual changes are indeed most welcome, specifically the Stocks application which has gained visual appeal with its now highly contrasted display. Barring the few needed improvements, the majority of iOS 7 is alien and new. Change is almost always daunting and causes reluctance at first, but I think we will see how these design changes will pan out soon enough. It’s going to take me a little while to adjust to it, though.


Some side-by-side detailed comparisons (about 2 dozen) of iOS 6 & 7 at my source below:



More iOS 7

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A7 processor used in iPhone 5s manufactured by Apple’s arch-rival Samsung

As the world waited for the unveiling of the iPhone 5s there was a lot of speculation as to what company would be in charge of building the new A7 processor. In the past Samsung has produced every processor for iOS. However, according to this article from zdnet many thought the valuable patent on the chip was going to cause Apple to attempt to drift away from their competitor Samsung. It wasn’t until the iFixit team took apart the new iPhone 5s to find out that the new A7 chip was in fact manufactured by Samsung. While both companies seem to have no problem getting into patent wars, they can still work together.

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Hardware ahoy: Adobe to sell its Mighty digital pen in 2014

Adobe-Mighty-diagonal_610x540 Adobe attempts to close the gap between drawing on paper and using a tablet. The Mighty pen will be a Adobe Creative Cloud service many users will like. It will be a great pairing to the Napoleon ruler coming out as well. The stylus offers a much smaller point than many before. It is going to begin by working with the most updated iPad apps by Adobe, but it is predicted will become available for Android tablet users soon enough.

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Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS 7 lets users group books into ‘Collections’

With the new look of iOS 7, many companies are updating their apps. Companies are updating their apps in order to give a look similar to the flat interface of the iOS 7. Since they are already spending time to update, many are adding new features. Kindle has released a way to group books into collections. This is something that will help users organize their varying reading interests on their iPads.

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iOS7 Settings You Might Not Be Aware Of

For those of you who haven’t watched Apple’s Key Note event debuting the new iOS7, and even for those who have, this shows 12 different features that you probably have yet to discover. Even for those that did watch it, like myself, there are still some little tid bits that I wouldn’t have normally stumbled upon without some serious digging into the Settings. Although, the first one about Text Size is definitely in the old iOS6, the others are worth checking out.


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iOS 7 Will Be Free for iPhone 4 and Later

With the recently released iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, Apple is also releasing iOS 7 for free download to any user with an iPhone 4 or later model. What does this mean for Apple? Most likely reduced sales of the new iPhone 5c and 5s. I was reading an article earlier talking about how Apple has been silent about their sales numbers for the iPhone 5c, and that is very unlikely of them. In the past, they would boast their sales numbers after the release of a new iPhone model, but this time they have not done that. Everyone that has an iPhone 4 or later can seemingly get a brand new device after downloading iOS 7 with the exception of the new features Apple added into the new iPhone 5s, such as the fingerprint scanner. I was thinking about buying the 5s before reading this article, but after finding out iOS 7 will be available for free download, I have changed my mind like many other users already have.

Source: Slick iOS 7 Shines on New Apple iPhones

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Lack of product secrecy is hurting Apple’s stock

For the past few years Apple has had a difficult time keeping their new products secret. Information on their newest gadgets is constantly getting leaked leading people and investors to experience little excitement at Apple announcements like the recent one on September 10th. Two months prior to the event Apple experienced steady growth as anticipation built for Apple to release the next big thing but after the announcement Apple’s stock fell by 1.7 percent. That leads investors to question whether people are not excited about Apples new products because of the lack of secrecy or is Apple just failing to impress the rapidly growing mobile market? Read more…

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Apple makes iPhone 4s free on contract

With every new iteration of an iPhone Apple tends to make the previous phone available for free as a budget iPhone. They have done the same with the release of the iPhone 5s but you won’t be getting your hands on the previous iPhone 5 for free but rather the outdated iPhone 4s. The idea behind it is that they are releasing the iPhone 5c as well, marked to be the new budget iPhone. The 5 and 5c are the same phone for all practical purposes, meaning consumers buying the 5c would be paying for less phone if the 5 were available for free. Also the 4s will only be offered with 8 gigabytes of storage where the the 5c offers up 16gb for $99. Read more…

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Which Devices Will Run iOS 7?

iOS 7 is Apple’s newest operating system and will be released on the 18th. Will your apple device run iOS 7? Even if your device is capable of running Apple’s new OS, that doesn’t mean that you will have access to all of its features. For example, the iphone 4s is capable of running iOS 7, however it will not have camera filters or AirDrop. For a complete list of iOS 7 capable devices and their disabilities, click the link below.

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Apple. iOS 7. And NFC… AirDrop

One of the many hoped for features in Apples new iOS 7 was the adoption of NFC or Near Field Communication technologies. Well we now know that NFC isn’t going to be a part of iOS 7 and many folks believe that brings about the death of NFC. Well NFC isn’t totally dead and Google still is using it in file transfer between devices and even for Google Wallet but Apple hasn’t adopted the technology. But that doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t have their own way of doing things. In this new iOS you will see and make use of AirDrop which has been on the Mac for quite some time. I am interested to see that apps that die as a result of AirDrop on iDevices and what new technologies spring from its addition to the iOS SDK.


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Out with the Old iPod Classic

Apple plans to announce a lot of new tech at its upcoming keynote in a few days. One thing not expected to be refreshed or introduced is a new version of the iPod Classic, the iconic iPod that started all things mobile for Apple. Mosts analysts do not even foresee the company updating the dock connected, leaving the iPod Classic a legacy device. This is big in that this was Apples smoking gun for so many years, it launched them to where they are today but honestly most people wont miss the technology or fear losing it so I don’t see it as being disruptive but rather one step closer to devices not relying on their own internal storage. It is old technology that has a few faithful followers but it lacks the new touch capabilities we have all grown to love. As a result we may see the iPod Classic disappear this year for good.


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Apple wins 41 new patents, including hand-gesture controls

Apple acquires forty-one new patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Among those Apple received is one that would allow Macs to have a Microsoft Kinect-like feature and functionality. This kind of sensory technology could bring Apple the upper hand in upcoming technology.

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The one thing that hasn’t leaked about the next iPhone is the only thing that matters

There has been a lot of hype around Apple’s new iPhone 5S and the “cheaper” iPhone 5c that will be revealed on Sept. 10th. However, while many tech specs have leaked, there has been no confirmation of the price Apple will be putting on their new devices. It looks like Apple is realizing that there is a strong market for cheaper smartphones as their iPhone 4 is popular in emerging markets. They also face competition from Android’s very cheap smartphones. It is said that the price of the new iPhone 5C could run between $300-$450, which is still not much less than they are charging for the iPhone 4. Apple faces  a compromise between the US market and the Chinese market based on what price they decide on for their latest phone.

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Apple co-founder wants iTunes ported to Android OS

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, thinks the company should make a version of iTunes for Android devices. He thinks it would be a good way to put a little of the Apple experience inside the Google OS.

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iOS 6: A Future Opportunity for Application Developers?

There is little doubt among experts that Apple’s iOS 6 is an improvement over the previous iOS 5 version but there is still room for development especially in replacing certain carry over applications.
Apple maps have been a big disappointment to many users. It’s missing many of the components that have been taken for granted by many users of Google Maps such as major points of interest, as well as many street and city names. In addition, Street View a major and appreciated component of Google Maps is nowhere to be found in Apple Maps.
Apple’s email application has a few new features but by in large problems still exist like the inability to mark all emails as read or to delete all email messages. There is also little support for new fonts or page styles in email. There is also no spam filter for the device itself nor support for group emails.
Siri needs further development as its voice recognition ability is still very poor as it typically mistranslates almost 50% of the time. Google’s voice recognition program is far more efficient.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow users to delete unwanted Apple-developed applications. Whether you want it or not you’re often stuck with an Apple-developed application you can’t use and you cannot even hide it from view.

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Samsung Touts Features of Galaxy S III Over IPhone 5

This last weekend Samsung came out with an ad titled “It doesn’t take a genius” comparing its Galaxy S III (GS3) to Apple’s new IPhone 5.The ad’s title is a shot at Apple’s Genius Bar which refers to Apple’s Help Center located in its retail stores.The ad itself goes through a 12 point spec-by-spec comparison of the two mobile phones with the GS3 having the better features according to Samsung.

Apple fans being distraught over the Samsung ad came out with their own version of the ad with the title “Don’t Settle for Cheap Plastic.”  An obvious  reference to the inexpensive materials used in the GS3 as compared to the IPhone 5 which is made of aluminum and glass. Apple fans commented on the Samsung’s feature comparison list and embellished it to show the superiority of the IPhone 5 with its additional features.

Nokia fans also countered with an ad of their own titled “Flyweight Contender, Meet the Heavyweight Champion,”  which compared the IPhone 5 to the Lumia 920. One of the Lumia 920 advantages listed was the fact that the device weighs 6.53 ounces as compared with the IPhone 5 weight of 3.95 ounces. Why a heaver phone is an advantage is a puzzlement to many people.

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Demand for IPhone 5 Exceeds Supply

Apple booked 2 million orders for the new IPhone 5 in one day. This caused the company to push back many of its delivery dates although Apple indicated it would deliver most of the IPhones as promised on Friday.

This is not the first time Apple had sold out of one of its products on the first day. The company’s IPhone 4 set a previous one-day record of 600,000 units while the IPhone 4S broke that record when over I million orders were placed in a day.

The stock market acknowledged the sale of the IPhone 5 as a share of Apple stock went up 1 percent to $698.50 in early morning trading.