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Google Maps tricks out iOS app with more navigation features

The mapping giant updates its app for iPhone and iPad with new traffic and route overviews, tips for new users, and language support for Arabic and Hebrew.

Google Maps updated its iOS app on Tuesday with new route and traffic features. According to Google, the update brings “faster access to navigation,” “tips and tricks” for beginning users, and support for Arabic and Hebrew.

Version 2.3.4’s navigation feature helps users better decide among various traffic and route options. The app now has a smaller map within the route selection screen, which lets people more easily compare directions based on traffic and other conditions. The “tips and tricks” section gives users advice on how to use the app and its various features, like turn-by-turn directions.

This update brings usability to a new market in Southwest Asia.

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‘Phablets’ overtake tablets and laptops in Asia

According to the article, the amount of people using “phablets” has grown immensely over the past few years.  The phablet is a Smartphone with a screen size of 5 to just under 7 inches, such as the Samsung Note Series.  The hype has grown so much in fact that several other companies have joined the market of phablets, providing customers with a variety of phablets that are bigger than your phone, but smaller than a tablet.  This just goes to show how people want the best of both products.  To have the programs and usability of a tablet, while still being able to carry it around in their pocket or on their belt.  This change in style of smartphones will provide developers with a new platform, that can be marketed too specifically.  With the growing amount of phablet users, apps that before were too intensive for phones but not practical on a tablet, are now feasible.