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LG Produces Curved Battery for Incoming Curved Phones

By now, everyone has heard of new curved screen smartphone design. In response, LG has already started to produce curved batteries. The company allegedly has a patent on vital components of the curved battery design. They also announced future plans for a “cable battery”.

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Vonkil’s Batthead Is A Rechargeable, Remote Controlled AA Battery

Batthead Remote Controlled AA Batteries – CNET

Enter the Batthead, the star of a new Kickstarter campaign that wants to make your rechargeable AA batteries much, much smarter. Here’s the concept in a nutshell: they have essentially taken a rechargeable AA battery and crammed a Bluetooth 4.0 radio and an accelerometer into it. You probably see where this is going — thanks to a companion app, users can remotely enable and disable those batteries in a bid to preserve more power for when it’s really needed. Of course, parents can don their troll hats and remotely shut down their kids’ toys from afar using their iOS devices (the Vonkil team says that Android support is in the works too). The accelerometer will add the ability to have devices turn on or off when in a certain position.