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iOS 7 patches 80 vulnerabilities

While the new UI is the most noticeable aspect of iOS 7 there are some other notable improvements under the hood. Many of these involve problems with security in the previous version of iOS. According to this article from zdnet there were a total of 80 bug fixes. Here are a few issues that the bugs could potentially allow.

  • Malicious code execution
  • Determination of the user’s passcode by an app
  • The ability to persist malicious code execution across reboots
  • background applications could inject user interface events into the foreground application
  • The ability to intercept data protected with IPSec Hybrid Auth
  • A person with physical access to the device may be able to bypass the screen lock
  • Sandboxed apps could send tweets without user interaction or permission
  • Malicious apps could interfere with or control telephony functionality