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OFF Pocket, designed to prevent GPS tracking

A new start-up has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce a new phone case to consumers that are concerned with tracking and privacy issues. Their product named OFF Pocket is designed to block all signals coming to and from your smartphone by means of a case that interferes with the signals. It is reported to block Wi-Fi, Cellular and GPS signals. People might say why don’t you just shutdown the device but most devices still transmit even when completely off so this product would even stop that. The technology is like an electric field blocker similar to that of a Faraday Cage. This is a good product for consumers worried about their privacy but it isn’t quite practical in my opinion. The case offers little protection as it is just a metal fabric cloth like sack that you place your phone in. Also what happens when you have to take your phone out to use it? You will become ‘visible’ again and you’ll have to wait for your phone to load all of the data from when it was not reachable.

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