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Mobile apps can feature ready-to-use cloud services

iOS, Android and Web apps call out to hosted features

Cloud-based app features and services now can quickly be included in mobile apps, with an improved toolset from Appcelorator. The vendor’s Titanium 2.0 release offers to mobile developers a range of cloud services like push notification or photo sharing without having to write sever-based code. Instead, the new release lets them set up connections to Appcelerator’s hosted services for their apps, from any of several popular development language or tools, including Objective-C, HTML5 and tool kits from PhoneGap and Sencha.


The new Appcelerator Cloud Services are intended to extend Titanium with an array of desirable, ready-to-use “connected features” that can be quickly rolled into mobile apps without requiring developers to code or maintain a back-end infrastructure, according to Jo Ann Buckner, vice president of product management for Mountain View, Calif.-based Appcelerator.


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