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How your smartphone uses its co-pilot for good effect

The many uses for smartphones are increasing day by day and the possibilities seem limitless. One of the next big capabilities smartphone makers and application developers are making use of are the coprocessor’s abilities to track data even while the user is not using their smartphone. This is something that has been around for a little while, but previously, it required the use of a Bluetooth connection and an application being open on the smartphone. Now, the smartphone can be completely idle with the display off and no applications open, yet still make use of this new responsive technology through the coprocessor in the smartphone. It collects sensor data from integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses.  This can be used to track information for users and implement the information into applications such as fitness trackers before the user opens the app for the first time. Making use of this technology is something application developers will definitely want to consider as it could completely blow the user away during their “out of the box experience”.

Source: How your smartphone uses its co-pilot for good effect