mobile news creates app for video discovery Rises From The Ashes With An iPhone App For Mobile Video Discovery used to be a start up that had an application for video discovery, but was then removed and given up on.  Video discovery, about a year ago, did not mean much in terms of social media and mobile application features.  But photos and images began to take off as a way of communicating with other mobile devices.  And in turn, videos are now a primary source of not just entertainment, but communication between mobile application users. then decided to put $2.2 million into creating a video discovery application that recommends videos and gives you the ability to share them with your friends through the application or social media.  The recommendations are gathered through your interests, your friends’ interests, and what you have watched in the past.

A neat feature that this application provides is that to watch a new video, you swipe in a direction, and the old video is saved at the point you quit watching.  This sounds like it would take a lot of buffering, but it caches and saves information on your phone to make this possible.