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6 Ways Mobile Technology Has Transformed the World’s Poor

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the face of communication in the most remote areas of the world. Today, out of the seven billion people in the world, approximately six billion are cell phone subscribers. In response, companies, governments, and NGOS alike have realized the potential of this tool in addressing today’s most pressing global challenges.

Education and health are two of the biggest ways the article mentions among other areas. Read the entire article here:

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Remind101 Lands $3.5M To Modernize Teacher Communication

Remind101 has developed a mobile platform that allows teachers to quickly send reminders to both students and teachers via text or email.

While many industries in the U.S. have undergone massive changes in the last 10 years, the educational system appears much the same as it did 100 years ago. While timely and effective communication is critical to K-12 education, says co-founder and CEO Brett Kopf, schools still continue to use the same old physical intercoms, phone trees and PA systems to communicate with students they always have. Because text messaging has become the primary mode of communication for most students, Remind101 has developed a mobile platform — with apps for iPhone, iPad and Android — that allows teachers to quickly send reminders to both students and teachers via text or email. Whether these notifications are about deadlines or permission slips, Remind101 acts as the middle man between each group, while ensuring that communications remain secure and private.

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Educational Mobile Apps, Are They Medium For Teaching The Future Generation?

“What Do You Want To Be?” is a mobile application that is currently only available on the iTunes App Store for the iPad only. It’s an interactive app that kids and parents can use together to learn English, Math, animals, fruits, and various occupations in the world. The app helps establish a basis for the different public figures in our society. Although, this app does nothing to affect the lives of us in this class or the majority of mobile app users, I wonder if it says something for the future. Dev IT Solutions, the app’s creator, and myself believe that kids learn better in an informal and more creative environment. As more of these education applications are released and tablets become more common inside/outside of the classroom, I think that schools will be encouraged to utilize these new devices as educational tools to shape young minds.