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Ericsson Aims to Bring Cell Signal Everywhere, One Dot at a Time

Ericsson Dot System – CNET

Ericsson introduces the Radio Dot System, which is designed to bring cell phone signal to hard-to-reach places, such as the inside of a big building. Called the Radio Dot System, this system consists of multiple disc-shaped radio broadcasters called Dots. Each Dot can “provide high-quality access to mobile broadband and voice services” for the surrounding area, and multiple Dots can be used together to broaden the coverage indoors. To be clear, this system is designed to bring real cellular signal to where it can’t reach before, not use broadband network as a substitute, like AT&T’s MicroCell femtocell. It’s expected that the Ericsson Radio Dot System will be available to customers by the second part of 2014.