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Terms of Service – Facebook Messenger goes too far

When users download and install any mobile application, they must always accept the Terms of Service.  It happens so often now, that most people do not even read the text, and just click the check box and move on.  What most users fail to realize is that when accepting the Terms of Service in mobile applications, they give the developers permissions to their phones hardware and user’s personal information.

The Facebook messenger application is an example of a mobile application that asks for “excessive” permissions in their terms of service, and with over 1 million downloads, has been skipped over by most users.  Some examples of how the Messenger Application takes advantage of users is being able to record audio and video, call and text contacts, and reads personal contacts and data.  The application does not even need to be opened.  The reason for this is because it is a free application and probably makes money off selling personal data, or using it in some way to profit/market.

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Facebook Login Now Avaliable for Windows Phones

Microsoft has finally allowed Facebook login capacity on Windows 8 devices, including applications. This will greatly benefit developers and consumers as it makes registering new accounts and logging in much simpler. Foursquare and Adobe are among the first companies to make use of this new feature for Windows phones.
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Mobile Ads Fuel a Jump in Profit at Facebook

Facebook, which operates the largest online social network, reported Wednesday that its profits doubled in the third quarter, to $621 million, after excluding expenses related to stock options. The company’s revenue rose 60 percent, to $2.02 billion, compared with last year’s third quarter. Most of that, about $1.8 billion, came from advertising. Perhaps most important for Facebook’s future as an advertising-driven company in a world of iPads and Android smartphones, the company noted that mobile ads accounted for 49 percent of its advertising revenue, up from 41 percent in the second quarter. Facebook said prices for mobile ads remained high, and users were clicking on them in their news feeds more frequently.

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Bitstrips become #1 Free App in all stores – Comic Social Media

Bitstrips is a new mobile application that connects with Facebook to give users the ability to create comics based on them and their friends.  It is very easy to use, and only requires some creativity.  It takes avatars and virtual personas to a new level, by creating one tile comics to show status updates and events that you would like to share with your friends.  You are able to add friends and their created avatars to your comics and even put word/thought bubbles that could include a quote or funny thought.  It is extremely easy to use, but according to some users the application has a habit of closing or crashing.  It is obvious there is a lot of potential in Bitstrips, but in order for it to work it will need to be reliable.  Another interesting aspect of this application is that it is free, and has no advertisement.  Yet it is growing at an extremely fast rate, and with an overall happiness and continued use of the application.  I can see this application becoming very popular because of the ability to create funny and more expressive status updates to Facebook, but it may be too much work for some that would rather post a sentence or two without having to create a whole comic.

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LinkedIn Retools For Mobile: Your Phone As 4-Way Job Line

LinkedIn is retooling the money-making engine of the company — sophisticated recruiting and job-advertising services — so that they will work in full on smartphones. In a LinkedIn blog post, Barrile explained that the mobile version will let corporate users carry out traditional Recruiter tasks such as responding immediately to candidate messages sent through LinkedIn’s version of email (known as InMail.) It will also will let users view the full member profiles created by LinkedIn’s 238 million members — or collect hiring manager feedback on candidates. LinkedIn also is widening ways of delivering job-related ads on mobile devices, moving in tandem with other social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter.


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Canary Combines Google Calendar with Facebook Events

Canary is an app for the iPhone that works as a smart calendar. It combines your facebook events with your google calendar. It also has the capacity to understand plaintext and then use this information to do something like check your foursquare to suggest a location for a meeting. This sounds incredibly convenient, because my facebook events do not always make it on to my calendar where I can get push notifications about them.


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Facebook Tests Silent Auto-Play For User Videos In Mobile Feed

For a small subset of iOS and Android users, Facebook is testing auto-playing user-uploaded videos while scrolling through the mobile feed. The effect is similar to videos in the Instagram feed, as videos play silently until tapped to full-screen. This test could also pave the way for Facebook’s new upcoming video ads. For now, brands and off-Facebook video sources will not auto-play. Facebook’s more heavy-handed video ad unit is expected to launch in October.

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Twitter Is Going Public, Files S-1 With SEC

Twitter has confirmed today that they are going public by filing an S-1 with the SEC. This move was made because many of the original investors want a return on their funds, the last private money came in valued over $10 billion. When Twitter goes public they are expected to be valued around $15-20 billion, which is no where near Facebook’s $100 billion valuation when they went public. We’ll soon begin to hear about the company’s revenues and profit figures.