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Mobile application game boosts French Fry Company

Scott Nelowet is a president of a fast growing French Fry company based in Jacksonville, Florida.  He started making French Fries at a vegan food festival, and has taken the simple and over done idea to a very profitable level.  The difference between his company and many other French Fry vendors is not just the flavors of his fries, but how he branded the company.  A huge component to the popularity and growth of his French Fry company was his investment in a mobile application game.  The game focused on the different flavors of French Fries available from his company, and even rewarded players with free stuff.  The application forced people to visit the website and learn more about the company before being able to receive free food or shirts.  This even gathered the attention of the players’ parents and had caused many of them to take part in a franchise.  The company is now worth over $2 million and it can be attributed to an application that cost $14,000 to develop.