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PlayStation App arrives November 13

Gamers have awaited the day when they would be able to check their Playstation profile on their phones, well now they can. The Playstation App will be free for iOS and Android devices and will even allow players to use their device as a second screen for some of the new Playstation 4 games.  And Users will finally be able to purchase content from the Playstation Store on their mobile device.


PlayStation App arrives November 13 – GameSpot.

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Free Wireless Plan On The Horizon

FreedomPop, the shepherd of the free wireless plan, has announced it’s first free service plan.  Providing users with free 500 texts, 200 minutes and 500MB of data, it only requires $100 to purchase its HTC Evo Design 4G WiMAX.  Extra texts/minutes/data can be paid for by usage for a fairly low cost, or unlimited texts/voice for just $11 a month!

Source: Heck Yes! The First Free Wireless Plan Is Finally Here – Gizmodo

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Apple makes iPhone 4s free on contract

With every new iteration of an iPhone Apple tends to make the previous phone available for free as a budget iPhone. They have done the same with the release of the iPhone 5s but you won’t be getting your hands on the previous iPhone 5 for free but rather the outdated iPhone 4s. The idea behind it is that they are releasing the iPhone 5c as well, marked to be the new budget iPhone. The 5 and 5c are the same phone for all practical purposes, meaning consumers buying the 5c would be paying for less phone if the 5 were available for free. Also the 4s will only be offered with 8 gigabytes of storage where the the 5c offers up 16gb for $99. Read more…