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Chipotle Scarecrow

Chipotle has created the first successful Advergaming app that advertises for the company while also creating a fun game for users to play. They created a animated film that basically helps promote chipotle and their ideas about food integrity. This is one of the best marketing campaigns created. It has reached millions of people and has been downloaded on over a million iPhones. The game, or app itself is produced in a way that captivates users. It has a plot, beautiful graphics, and it’s not an app that causes you to use your money to buy tokens and such. However, the app does have a few kinks. It was produced to appear only on iOS 6 and higher, which means some iPhone users are left out. Aside from that, it appears to only work best on iPhone 4s’s and up. The app also has some bugs that keeps it’s rating down. But the game’s overall use is to not be a game, but an advertisement for chipotle.