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HMV launches new music app on iOS

HMV has created an application that allows for music downloads on iOS, making it equivalent to iTunes in regards to purchasing music in stores through a mobile device.  Users are able to discover music traditionally by shopping in stores, but are able to purchase the music through their mobile application, in order to build their digital collection.  Stores will have free wi-fi to give users easy access to the mobile application and songs.  HMV are hoping that by pairing traditional music shopping with the new digital music revolution, they will appeal to a group of dedicated music lovers.  Some features that stuck out to me were; the ability to scan a CD and preview the songs on it, the application will have its own library/catalog of songs, and a music identifier (like Shazam) that they can use to purchase songs they liked hearing.

This application is a great example of how to create a mobile application that goes to the user, and adds to the experiences they enjoy.  I think this will appeal to people who like the idea of “shopping” traditionally and buying music.