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HP’s first Windows 8.1 tablet to hit stores in November

Hewlett-Packard’s first Windows 8.1 tablet will be coming out in November and they will  have smaller screens and powerful graphics. The Omni 10 will have Windows 8.1 and run on Intel’s Atom Z3000 processor code-named Bay Trail. The tablet, with a 10-inch screen, will offer nine hours of battery life, according to the company. Specifications and pricing were not immediately available, but Intel has said that starting prices for Windows 8.1 tablets with Bay Trail chips could range from $350 to $500.


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HP CEO: webOS will be better than iOS and Android

Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman recently said in an interview that even though the HP TouchPad failed and was discontinued only two months after it was released,  HP  “will be back in [the tablet] business. We’re coming back into the market with a Windows 8 tablet.” She also went on to state that they are “going to build another operating system that has huge advantages, in my view, over iOS, which is a closed system, [and] Android, which is incredibly fragmented and may ultimately be more closed with [Google’s] acquisition of Motorola Mobility.” Only time will tell if Whitman’s predictions for the future will come true and have HP competing with the iPad and other Android tablets.