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Judgment day for Android: Apple, Microsoft file lawsuit

Microsoft, Apple, Sony, BlackBerry, and other companies filed lawsuits against Android manufacturers Samsung, HTC, LG.  The lawsuits target Google also, saying its core money-maker, Adwords, violates a 1998 patent. United States Patent No. 6,098,065, “matching search terms with relevant advertising.”  To read more about which patents are being infringed click here.


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HTC Sense 4.0 hands-on report reveals new features for HTC’s custom UI

HTC Sense 4.0 hands-on report reveals new features for HTC’s custom UI

This IS NOT a disruptive technology.

This adds to the field of mobile tech development because HTC designs their own custom UI’s for all of their android handsets (known as “HTC Sense UI”). This UI is often customized further by the community and tweaked for speed. Some of the new and most important features HTC has announced for “HTC Sense 4.0” are…

-Landscape support for the home screen

-Lockscreen will directly be able to display task or to-do lists, favorite contacts and direct access to the notification bar

-Full DropBox integration with 50GB free storage

Though there are more features, these are three worth mentioning. Landscape mode is HUGE for sense as that has always been missing and sought after greatly. The lockscreen changes will change the amount of swipes/gestures and time that it takes to access a few main aspects of the device. Finally, the perk of having 50gb  of free storage on DropBox is sure to bring smiles to the faces of all Sense users.

I do feel that this could have an economic impact on the mobile market. I think HTC devices will become more popular and gain market share with the announcement of “Sense 4.0”, in part because of the features, but also because HTC seems to be one of the most community friendly manufacturers for Android handsets, even offering an incentive of 50GB free storage to the users. Bravo HTC.