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NASA has taken another step to ramp up the space program, this time reaching mobile users via the application Instagram. Check out this IGer’s pic of the day!



The stratospheric rise of NASA’s Instagram

NASA posted this snap of astronaut James H. Newman on November 20, 1998, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the International Space Station.NASA posted this snap of astronaut James H. Newman on November 20, 1998, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the International Space Station.

Out-of-this-world photos from Nasa’s Instagram

(CNN) — 350,000 followers agree: no one does selfies quite like NASA.

It’s the year of the “selfie” and the year that social media-transmitted self portraits were taken to new heights, with the arrival of U.S. space agency NASA on Instagram.

In less than three months, the space agency has accumulated over 350,000 followers and given them an incredible insight into the day-to-day lives of astronauts and Nasa’s work unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

NASA launched the account on September 6 — promising to take its fans on “an out-of-this-world journey through images of Earth and beyond” — and soon spawned a slew of viral trends.

The account’s first post highlighted the launch of the agency’s LADEE research robot. But the spacecraft’s lift-off threw up some unexpected results in the form of an ill-fated photobomber, soon to be known as #nasafrog.

New photographs from NASA’s satelites and spacecraft have spread across the internet, too — a fresh view of Saturn making headlines — in addition to candid scenes aboard the International Space Station.

Three months in, the account is going strong, picking up hundred more followers each day. And that’s as good an excuse as any to have another gawk at 15 of the most awe-inspiring, incredible and moving NASA Instagram photos so far.

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The new era of Video editing applications

Video editing on smart phones has been around for a while, but the effectiveness and usability have always been poor.  Until recently, video was too difficult and time consuming to be considered a better option that pictures or text.  But due to the recent trend, of short 6 second videos, created by Vine, society has accepted and thrived on video.  Smart phones now have better video recorders and the network required to send and receive video is more viable.  Even with this, applications are beginning to add new features and customizable options to editing video from the source.  Mobile applications centered around videos face a challenge of taking something that is stereotyped as difficult and professional, and making it user friendly and simple.  A great example of this is Instagram, where nearly anyone can now take photos and add a filter, making them look impressive or skillfully done.  On a different note, now that Vine has broken the awkward video barrier in society, many new applications focused on sharing and editing video are bound to arise, and with that changes in how users utilize their smart phones and communicate, are bound to change as well.



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Soundcloud to partner with Instagram

Soundcloud has partnered with Instagram to allow users to use their instagrams as album art or playlist cover images. “We’re the largest audio platform and they’re the largest photo platform. It’s cool to tie them together” says SoundCloud CEO Alex Ljung. This partnership fills a niche left in Soundcloud because many b-sides and remixes do not have accompanying album art. The end goal of this partnership is to eventually allow users to select music to pair with their Instagram video; however this is a long way from development.

Click here for more information.

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What ads on Instagram will look like

Earlier in the month Instagram announced that it would be officially introducing ads into it’s previously ad-free mobile app. It was a matter of time before this would happen, considering the popularity of the mobile application and its potential to earn revenue. This article shows a preview of what ads will look like on Instagram. There have been many concerns about how these ads will affect the user experience in the app. The company states “We want ads to be creative and engaging, so we’re starting with just a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.” The sample image in the article shows a “sponsored” stamp up in the corner where the timestamp would usually be. Instagram seems to be concerned with the issue that the public typically despises ads, so hopefully they tread carefully in this area of business.

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Mobile Ads Are Still Incoming For Instagram’s 150 Million Users (AppAdvice)

Mobile Ads Are Still Incoming For Instagram’s 150 Million Users — AppAdvice.

Instagram recently announced that its user base had reached 150 million. However, with this news came word from the Instagram’s director of business operations who announced that mobile ads are incoming within the next year. This is significant news because the addition of ads can “not only inhibit further adoption of the image hearing service, but present users too, may abandon ship if distracting advertisements invade Instagram’s interface.” It will be interesting to see how Instagram approaches mobile ads and how they choose to integrate them into their existing mobile application. This change in technology is not disruptive technology, mobile applications before Instagram have started out free and then added mobile ads later after the initial release. The addition of mobile ads has the potential to add to the field of mobile technology if Instagram finds a unique way to include ads while still retaining their user base. Finally the addition of ads in Instagram will not significantly change the economic state of mobile technology but would provide profits for Instagram stemming from the initial sales of advertising space.