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iOS 7 hits 74 percent adoption rate

There were mixed feelings about Apple’s iOS 7 upon its release on September 18, 2013. Apple has released official data showing that indicates a 74 percent adoption rate for iOS 7. That’s 3 out of every 4 Apple devices. The following article from iDownloadBlog states

“The 74 percent iOS 7 adoption rate is a huge share no matter how you look at it, especially versus the 22 percent seen by iOS 6. The company put the older iOS versions at just four percent.

By comparison, Android 4.4 KitKat is currently installed on a meager 1.1 percent of Android devices.”

Find out more in the full article below.

Official: iOS 7 hits 74 percent adoption rate

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Blog Post 10/10/13

Apps on iPhone 5s are crashing twice more often than on previous models. 

Interestingly, according to the app platform Crittercism, iPhone 5s apps are crashing twice as often as apps on other models. This comes along with reports of alignment isssues, a blue screen of death, and other issues related to the new iOS 7 operating system. Updates have been released, but it is interesting to note that ‘some of the issues may have arisen simply from the fact that developers did not have enough time to adapt their apps to the new hardware and the 64-bit Apple A7 chip, which could be the culprit.’  <>

The current issues regarding iOS 7 adds to the field of mobile tech development as a somewhat cautionary tale. It is imperative to ensure that most bugs and issues are ironed out before releasing a product, as a period of glitches and bugs can cause issues with one’s brand and consumer goodwill. The performance and user experience must always be thought of to ensure that there is a continual desire to use the product. Additionally, if this is a continuing trend, there could be effects on the economic state of mobile development and technology, as users migrate away from what is perceived as a poor platform in favor for a superior one. There may also be an increased focus on testing, discovering, and removing these issues before release.


Apps not updated for iOS 7 getting hit hard in the App Store

The Apple iOS 7 created quite a change in the look and mechanics of the iPhone, which has had quite an effect on mobile developers. uTest uses their own software called Applause to analyze over 80 million reviews for over 800,000 applications. They’ve found that app reviews that mention ‘iOS 7’ have a much lower rating then those that do not mention iOS 7.  The spread is large, with the difference being, on average, 2.81 stars compared to 3.65 stars.


This relates to the field of mobile development and the economic state of mobile development. As some applications are not yet developed for iOS 7, there will be issues with appearances or compatibility which will cause a lowering of the star rating. There can be a drastic drop in rating while an app is still being updated. With a poor rating, users will obviously seek out a different application. This could have the effect of losing users, loosing revenue from downloads, and  being out competed by a differing app in a highly competitive market. This shows the importance of updating applications as soon as possible to ensure that there is not a monetary cost to developers.

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Mobile Gaming Market Future May Challenge Established Handhold Platform, Starting with iOS

Mobile gaming has become increasingly more popular on mobile devices as systems improve and touch screen controls are optimized. With the advent of iOS 7, Apple added in compatibility for the use of external gamepads to streamline, optimize, and enhance the mobile gaming experience. Logitech, so far, seems to be the only one taking this new development seriously.

Three days ago, a picture of one of Logitech’s controllers was leaked on Twitter by a source known for reliability in producing images of future mobile products. The image is of one of three style designs presented back in June at Apple’s WWDC (2013). This would completely negate the necessity for the current poor functioning Bluetooth keyboard hacks being used to simulate the button inputs of a gamepad. The obvious benefits of the materialization of such objects over current hacks are more precise button mapping and better response times, due to a physical connection. There is also a standalone gamepad model that was exhibited to communicate via Bluetooth, all of which would offer more precise tactile control with most or all styles of games that don’t function well with touch screens.

A last interesting tidbit takes into account the gaming revenues on both Android and iOS as they are beginning to rival handhold traffic from the big names like Nintendo. Depending on the orchestration of gamepad technology and development for mobile devices or the inclusion of dual analog sticks (as has been rumored), the current portable powerhouses might have new troubles to deal with. A wise decision to include this implementation on Apple’s part, I would say.






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iOS 7 Common Bug Fixes

The following link has a list of common bugs found on iOS 7, and gives a description on the bugs and how to fix them. New operating systems are always going to have some bugs, and they can be frustrating, so this will outline the problems and help you get past them.

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6 Known Issues With the iPhone 5s and iOS 7

With every new technology comes new bugs to work out.  Apple has just released new hardware and software, both of which have bugs that are being found. For instance some 5s units are having calibration problems with their gyroscopes and accelerometers. Some users are reporting that they are unable to send messages through imessage, a problem that can be fixed by turning imessage off.  To read about more issues click here.


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iOS 7 reaches 60% adoption rate

A week after its initial launch iOS 7 had made its way onto more than 60% of iPhones according to data collected by Mixpanel. iOS 7’s adoption rate is greater than that of any prior iOS release. This could be a strong indicator that a majority of people desired changed for their iPhones since they have been interacting with the same style interface on their iDevices for years now. Currently, the percentage has grown to nearly 65%. Despite the significant adoption rate it would be interesting to see how many of the users that update would want to downgrade back to a previous iOS and whether it would be based solely on the UI appearance of iOS 7.

See the stats here.

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Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 to fix security flaw

There is a simple bug that allows anyone to bypass the new iOS 7 lockscreen, access multitasking, and view photos. The bug is present on both the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, as well as the iPad. Apple released iOS 7.0.2 today to fix this exploit.

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iOS 7 patches 80 vulnerabilities

While the new UI is the most noticeable aspect of iOS 7 there are some other notable improvements under the hood. Many of these involve problems with security in the previous version of iOS. According to this article from zdnet there were a total of 80 bug fixes. Here are a few issues that the bugs could potentially allow.

  • Malicious code execution
  • Determination of the user’s passcode by an app
  • The ability to persist malicious code execution across reboots
  • background applications could inject user interface events into the foreground application
  • The ability to intercept data protected with IPSec Hybrid Auth
  • A person with physical access to the device may be able to bypass the screen lock
  • Sandboxed apps could send tweets without user interaction or permission
  • Malicious apps could interfere with or control telephony functionality

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Apple’s iOS 7 Scraps the Familiar iOS Look iPhones Grew Up With

With the release of Apple’s new iOS 7 for compatible devices, they have made one of the biggest changes to both how it looks and feels since its first release. Gone are the textures and familiar skeuomorphisms, replaced with simpler, flatter designs. Not being much of an iOS user except for my iPod Touch, I still find myself strangely saddened to see the character of the OS that I’ve enjoyed the past few years die off so suddenly, with so drastic a change. With the update, most things still function the same way, but everything looks different. There are instances where the visual changes are indeed most welcome, specifically the Stocks application which has gained visual appeal with its now highly contrasted display. Barring the few needed improvements, the majority of iOS 7 is alien and new. Change is almost always daunting and causes reluctance at first, but I think we will see how these design changes will pan out soon enough. It’s going to take me a little while to adjust to it, though.


Some side-by-side detailed comparisons (about 2 dozen) of iOS 6 & 7 at my source below:



More iOS 7

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iOS 7 Will Be Free for iPhone 4 and Later

With the recently released iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, Apple is also releasing iOS 7 for free download to any user with an iPhone 4 or later model. What does this mean for Apple? Most likely reduced sales of the new iPhone 5c and 5s. I was reading an article earlier talking about how Apple has been silent about their sales numbers for the iPhone 5c, and that is very unlikely of them. In the past, they would boast their sales numbers after the release of a new iPhone model, but this time they have not done that. Everyone that has an iPhone 4 or later can seemingly get a brand new device after downloading iOS 7 with the exception of the new features Apple added into the new iPhone 5s, such as the fingerprint scanner. I was thinking about buying the 5s before reading this article, but after finding out iOS 7 will be available for free download, I have changed my mind like many other users already have.

Source: Slick iOS 7 Shines on New Apple iPhones

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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 7

This is the perfect guide for anyone who is unclear about the new features of iOS 7. In here you will find everything from the new design, improved safari, siri, app store and more. Also talks about the new security feature ‘Find my iPhone’, and the improved integration between phone and computers. Lastly they explain which features will be working on certain devices, because older generation iPhones will not be able to use all the new features.