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The Perfect Wallpapers For iOS 7’s Parallax Effect

CNET’s Jason Cipriani wrote up a small how-to-guide on selecting/making the perfect wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 7’s new parallax effect. I have the guide linked below but Cipriani basically goes on to say that wallpapers should be at least 400 pixels wider and longer than your device’s screen to avoid zooming in on the image, thus, reducing it’s quality. For instance, the iPhone 5’s ideal wallpaper should be at least 1,040 pixels wide by 1,536 pixels tall.


full guide:

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Mobile Gaming Market Future May Challenge Established Handhold Platform, Starting with iOS

Mobile gaming has become increasingly more popular on mobile devices as systems improve and touch screen controls are optimized. With the advent of iOS 7, Apple added in compatibility for the use of external gamepads to streamline, optimize, and enhance the mobile gaming experience. Logitech, so far, seems to be the only one taking this new development seriously.

Three days ago, a picture of one of Logitech’s controllers was leaked on Twitter by a source known for reliability in producing images of future mobile products. The image is of one of three style designs presented back in June at Apple’s WWDC (2013). This would completely negate the necessity for the current poor functioning Bluetooth keyboard hacks being used to simulate the button inputs of a gamepad. The obvious benefits of the materialization of such objects over current hacks are more precise button mapping and better response times, due to a physical connection. There is also a standalone gamepad model that was exhibited to communicate via Bluetooth, all of which would offer more precise tactile control with most or all styles of games that don’t function well with touch screens.

A last interesting tidbit takes into account the gaming revenues on both Android and iOS as they are beginning to rival handhold traffic from the big names like Nintendo. Depending on the orchestration of gamepad technology and development for mobile devices or the inclusion of dual analog sticks (as has been rumored), the current portable powerhouses might have new troubles to deal with. A wise decision to include this implementation on Apple’s part, I would say.






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iPhone A7 Chip Benchmarks

This article contains the test notes on the new iPhone’s a7 chip benchmarks that were run earlier today. It’s interesting and relative to mobile technology because it explains how even though the iPhone has below average specs compared to other phones on the market, specs don’t tell the whole story. They discuss how the iPhone 5s has only a dual core 1.3Ghz processor, but it’s still far more superior to other phones on the market by its computation speed. This is a good read to learn more about how quad core processors aren’t very useful right now in mobile phones, and how Apple is making old technology run very fast.

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iOS7 Lock screen bug discovered for iPhone 5s

With the new iOS7 for Apple there are more new features and accessibility, but with this brings a new found problem.  The new lock screen feature gives the user too much access. There is a bug that can permit a stranger to gain access to your phone. From the lock screen, if you swipe up to access the control center you can select the alarm clock and from there hold the phone’s sleep button and then when it prompts you to shut down you cancel and then tap the home button and have access to the phone’s multi-tasking screen. This is a big issue because iOS7 loses all its’ security credibility. This issue only occurs on the new iPhone 5s and this is a major problem because they are promoting the fingerprint scanner and how it will give your phone much more security, but with this bug anyone can bypass the fingerprint scan.

iOS7 Bug Leaves Lockscreen Vulnerable For Access

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iOS7 Settings You Might Not Be Aware Of

For those of you who haven’t watched Apple’s Key Note event debuting the new iOS7, and even for those who have, this shows 12 different features that you probably have yet to discover. Even for those that did watch it, like myself, there are still some little tid bits that I wouldn’t have normally stumbled upon without some serious digging into the Settings. Although, the first one about Text Size is definitely in the old iOS6, the others are worth checking out.