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Out with the Old iPod Classic

Apple plans to announce a lot of new tech at its upcoming keynote in a few days. One thing not expected to be refreshed or introduced is a new version of the iPod Classic, the iconic iPod that started all things mobile for Apple. Mosts analysts do not even foresee the company updating the dock connected, leaving the iPod Classic a legacy device. This is big in that this was Apples smoking gun for so many years, it launched them to where they are today but honestly most people wont miss the technology or fear losing it so I don’t see it as being disruptive but rather one step closer to devices not relying on their own internal storage. It is old technology that has a few faithful followers but it lacks the new touch capabilities we have all grown to love. As a result we may see the iPod Classic disappear this year for good.


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Apple co-founder wants iTunes ported to Android OS

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, thinks the company should make a version of iTunes for Android devices. He thinks it would be a good way to put a little of the Apple experience inside the Google OS.

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Healthx Launches Healthcare Mobile App

Today Healthx released its much-awaited Healthx-enabled Mobile Application, which caters to Payers aiming to connect members with their benefits and healthcare information. Healthx clients will receive their own uniquely branded app available for easy download in the iTunes, Windows, Android, and RIM markets.

This app is basically a PHR, except it focuses more on insurance and health finances than health records. This application will allow users to keep better track of bills and make payments easier.