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Bitcoin provides mobile app for live streaming (POV)–Bitcoin-Enabled-Mobile-App-for-Wearable-Point-Of-View-POV-Video-Released-to-17568526/

Bitcoin has developed another application, but this time it utilizes Point-Of-View (POV) video to give users the ability to live stream video.  It was released in the Apple App Store, and is free with the option for in app purchases, for exclusive content.

This mobile application will give users the ability to follow someone using a POV video device, such as a GoPro or Google Glass, on their mobile device. It will most likely be utilized by celebrities and sport athletes to provide exciting live streaming video to fans.

While it sounds silly now, it makes sense considering where technology is going, and how user interaction and communication is moving from text to video.  Although, I foresee issues with privacy and the availability of video recording hardware.  This application may have been released too early, and could have bad consequences, especially with security and privacy.